Good and Evil

The Lord Creates Both Evil and Peace

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – June 16, 2021


The potentiality to create evil is in all of us. As the Lord says: "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things" (Isaiah 45:7). But evil can only penetrate us if we entertain it in our mind. If we do so, then, we really become evil and curse are we before the Lord. Evil has no existence of its own. It exists only in the mind. Think of no evil and there can be no evil. Simple but challenging.

If we subscribe to the above views, then, it follows that there's no devil personified by Satan or the fallen angel Lucifer. These are man-made interpretations handed down to us from the external world by I don't know who now.

If the other person causes or tempts you to commit evil, then, he or she is the devil, the demon, the Satan, the Lucifer personified. Just smile because we know that he or she is not. He or she might not only be aware of what it's doing.

Only let the temptation pass your mind just as the clouds pass and go to nowhere to be seen no more. For the moment you allow the devilish temptation to occupy a space in your mind, even for just a minute, it will produce offspring and legions of them at the speed of light. Then, you'll be congregated by clouds of darkness, ganging you up to join their legion.

These evil thoughts pressure you to commit evil acts, again and again and again, ad infinitum. Then, you become addicted to evil deeds, without you ever realizing it. And evil deeds multiply in several strains, deadlier and more powerful than the original. You are then possessed by not only one but a herd of evil that can weaken and deaden all your immune systems instantly.

Don't rely on others to exorcise you. They can help, but it's only you who can exorcise yourself by immediately shoving evil thoughts cold turkey, declaring a cease and desist order never again to go near you within a distance of one or so kilometer radius.

Besides, it's a challenge to look for somebody out there who have not succumbed to evil thoughts and ways. Anyway, as they say, even dirty brooms can clean a house. But why use these antiquated brooms when there are light-speed vacuum cleaners that can be tapped as blowers. That blower is you.

You can be the possessed, the victim (unwilling perhaps), but you're also the exorcist.

What is Evil? According to Philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, there are three forms of evil in the world: moral, physical, and metaphysical.

Catholics have their elaborate definition of what constitutes evil. So with other religious denominations and indigenous beliefs around the world. Even atheists, scientists, theologians, and poets have their own understanding too.

It will take us years or a lifetime to study all of them and come up with a common denominator of what is really meant by evil.

I'd rather establish my own definition based on my knowledge and experience. If others think my definition of evil is also evil, then, the evil is in their mind, not in me.

If you have your own definition of what evil is, then, stick to it and never mind others. Have faith. Trust yourself. Believe in your Self.

And keep your definition of evil to yourself, least you might sow evil in other people's minds.