Ethics and Morality

Where are our moral norms of conduct nowadays? What happen to them?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. 


From the primitive chimpanzees that we were, have we remained uncivilized as a people and as a nation? Are our instituted standards of civility mere deodorants and decorations to delude others into thinking that we stand as a beacon of light to the whole world, worthy of emulating?

There is no question that society must establish its moral guidelines. Governments, in fact, set ethical and moral laws to guide the behavior of their people as well as to serve as model to all of what a nation ought to be.

Once enshrined in their Constitutions and Laws of the Land, they become automatically binding and enforceable. The people are duty-bound by law to sacrifice their own individual interests for the sake of the common good and for the survival of society.

Societies establish moral standards for the following reasons:

1. To enforce sanctions and penalties to their citizens;

2. To resolve conflicts of interest;

3. To establish minimum standards for protecting the welfare of the common good, especially in the areas of health-care services, minimum wages, human-rights violation, human trafficking, drug addiction, poverty, peace and order;

4. To protect societies from falling apart; and

5. To protect the country's sovereignty against intrusion and domination by foreign powers.

We acknowledge the importance of ethical and moral standards in working as a nation. These standards are not just simply accoutrements to give us an aura of impeccability in our allegedly refined culture and way of living as a people.

But WHAT IF the leaders and guardians of society's ethics and morality violate these standards? To whom will the citizens turn to?

And WHAT IF government leaders can no longer be trusted to enforce our laws, where can the people turn to? What can they do to resolve this conflict in a democratic, just, and orderly way?

Sadly, this is what is happening in many countries today. Some nations are lucky and privileged. They still have alternative avenues and enough elbow rooms to maneuver around safely, orderly, and peacefully.

Education in mainstream and social media is today the most effective tool for short-, medium-, and long-term approach. It is most powerful in broadening and raising the consciousness of the people as to what is going on around them.

Gone are the outdated approaches that heavily relied on the unmitigated use of bows and arrows, sling shots, axes, landmines, water cannons, and flame-throwers. Or is it so?

Nonetheless, let us work together as a unity team to help our government leaders to become more relentless in our pursuits to achieve the kind of future we envision for our children and the subsequent generations.

While we may take matters into our own hands, let's always remember that we are now in a critical crossroad and period of our history when we can build a better future, a new world that can make and will make a difference to the entire galaxy and universe.

Let's not miss this opportunity. Let's do our part, given our limited time and resources. Whatever we will be doing will be written in the Cosmic Book of Life or Akashic Records and will be implanted into the genes and DNA of our future generations.

The Ten Commandments

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – September 12, 2021


In the Ten Commandments, God forbid adultery, idolatry, killing, and stealing. Why did it not forbid wars and drug addiction? Wars and drugs are worse. They can be the roots and causes of adultery, idolatry, and stealing.

Was God in effect allowing religions to engage in wars, whether civil wars or world wars? Indeed, both are happening today and they're escalating.

Was God in effect also tolerating religions to be sanctuaries of warriors, summary executioners, and drug addicts? Go to the Church and you're safe. A God-loving nation like the Philippines has become a refuge for people who are running away from the long arm of the law or away from their oppressive governments as well as a haven for drug Lords and drug addicts.

If so, then, it is justified to interpret and lambast religion as an opium of the people and the greatest, most powerful killing machine ever invented so far.

Just recall what happened during the Dark Ages and today's ongoing Jihad. There's no use disagreeing. History has proven this many times during the Middle or Dark Ages. The Knights Templars, the Holy Crusade, the Freemasons still evoke fresh images of blood and violence in our minds.

The Jihad continues to this day even as killings and violence persist at greater intensity among and between Christians.

We cannot accept the theory that God designed all this. Drugs and wars destroy people, nations, and our ecology. What must have been the reason for God to allow and tolerate them but at the same time forbid adultery, idolatry, and killings in the Ten commandments?

And this prohibition continues in the New Testament, only shortened into two commandments, namely, love God and love thy neighbor.

Whatever the reason is, let's learn from our messy and bloody history. The fact that our situation today is worsening suggests that we have not learned enough yet from our past.

We're still so blinded that we remain unable to distinguish between right and wrong, between good and bad, between moral and immoral, between ethical and unethical. We're still acting like animals--survivalists, territorial, expansionists.

Life in this world is all about learning and applying what we learn to our day-to-day life. This goes on and on for the remaining days of our life until there's nothing more to learn and apply.

When that time comes, we will finally rest in Thee, Oh Lord (St. Augustine), unless our Lord God Almighty sends us back to Earth, as it will do to its Son Jesus soon (2nd coming), if he is not already here with us, to stop all these wickedness, and establish peace and harmony on Earth.

Ten Commandments: Thou Shalt Nots

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - March 10, 2022


In the 10 Commandments, Yahweh forbade adultery, idolatry, killing, and stealing. But why did he not forbid wars? Wars are worse. They can trigger widespread adultery, idolatry, and stealing.

It’s hard to fathom the mind of Yahweh. If he knows the future, he could have already forbidden wars and the dark Ages would not have happened. There would not have been Jihads and Holy Crusades. History would have been different.

But as it is, the Dark Ages still lingers in our minds and evoke fresh images of blood and violence. The Jihad continues to this day even as killings and violence persist at greater intensity among and between Christians.

Today, as it has been,and will ever be in the future, wars can be justified in the name of religion. Each continent or nation has its own espoused religion, which they can always invoke to justify their actions.

Paradoxically, the House of God is also being used as refuge for the perpetrators and victims of war. War criminals, mass murderers, together with the casualties of war find themselves fed, attended to, and protected safely by people who may have been themselves child abusers, abortionists, tyrants, and war addicts.

It really blows my mind!

Are all this part of Yahweh’s grand design? Allowing his children to fight against each other and at the same time welcoming them into his Mansion as a loving father? Is he not also a tyrant and murderer himself by sacrificing and killing his own sons and daughters in the name of love?

We cannot accept the theory that God designed all this. Drugs and wars destroy people, nations, and our ecology. What must have been the reason for God to allow and tolerate this but at the same time forbid adultery, idolatry, and killings in his Ten Commandments?

And this prohibition continues in the New Testament, even made harsher for as it is written, thoughts are already bad in themselves because you can't do a bad thing without first thinking about it:

"Each one is tempted when, by his own evil desire, he is dragged away and enticed” (James 1:14-15).

I must have inherited my personality from Yahweh. Both the good and the bad, the beauty and the beast, love and hatred, compassion and revenge are all inside me playing the game of tug-of-war, at the least provocation of which, explodes ferociously into action, whether the result is compassion or hatred.

After all, I was created to his image and likeness. His blood is my blood. His spirit is my spirit. His pain is my pain. His suffering and anguish is my suffering and anguish.

Or perhaps, the tablet of commandments he gave us through Moses was just a symbolic act for us to realize that life here on earth is all strict obedience to his rules and it’s up to us to choose whether, in the midst of all this, we still want to be happy or not in this life.

The little children are not even aware of any commandments. They are happy. The Lord Jesus knows this:

“Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God. Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein” (Matthew 19:14).

Yes, once everything is seen from another perspective, there are no more commandments. Our challenge is how to expand our Consciousness in such a way that we all become like little children.

The Killing of Innocents Continues

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – December 26, 2021


It's a fact. We're still living in a dog-eat-dog world. Because of fierce competition, people are willing to harm others in order to survive and succeed.

We live in a ruthlessly competitive world, without moral restraint, without ethics. Conquer or be conquered; colonize or be colonized; kill or be killed. An endless tug-of-war between good and evil, sin and salvation, moral and immoral remains to this day. But should this be so?

Christmas, during King Herod's time, was bloody, vicious, and violent. I'm afraid it's more so today during the past two years of global pandemic, when the coronavirus is still spewing out with its seemingly endless variants.

Yet, in the midst of all this, we still find an increasing number of people who are able to spread love, peace, and joy to others. We even see a growing number of population who are drawn and converted to Christianity regardless of education, specialization, gender, age, religious belief, or political affiliation. And this is happening not only during Christmas season.

Let's join this band of enlightened individuals and let's make ourselves known collectively in both mainstream and social media.

In the age of science and technology, can we still be guided by our moral principles? Is it possible to have no morals at all?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – April 28, 2021


Many have no idea how rapidly things are changing in science and technology. These changes are affecting us now and this could have lasting effects on the future of humanity.

In the case of our genes, DNA holds all the secrets about our past and future. Knowing and changing its content could indeed help us realize the kind of future we envision to be.

One DNA language alone, for example, "t" (it can also be any of the 4 letters, AGCT), can cause a serious disease. So, early-onset Alzheimer's, leukemia, arthritis, even HIV, and cancer can be prevented or treated.

But once changes are introduced in our genes, they stay there forever and could even produce several strains of possibilities which we still don't know.

Indeed, in this highly competitive world, where only the strongest survive, our endless quest to know more and direct our history has taken us a step too far into a darker, more confused new era.

Consider the following:

All the DNA in all living organisms on Earth is of the same makeup, so that a DNA strand of a chicken can be combined with a segment of human DNA. In the future, it could happen that the DNA strain of chicken in the embryo could dominate the human strain in us. Who could say no? The possibility is always there.

In 2001, the first clone of an endangered wild animal was born, a wild ox called a gaur. Other endangered species that were potential candidates for cloning then include the African bongo antelope, the Sumatran tiger, and the giant panda.

In October 1993, Washington University announced that using defective human embryos that were already scheduled to be discarded by a fertility clinic, they were able to produce 48 embryos from a starting batch of 17. This is called embryo cloning.

They could have developed these embryos into fetuses. But who could also prevent them from doing that? After all, they could do it clandestinely at home or in their laboratories.

Italian fertility specialist Severino Antinori spoke at a conference on human cloning in Rome on March 9, 2001. But the Italian medical authorities warned that Dr Antinori would risk losing his right to practice in Italy because he was in the process of creating a new MAN.

But who really knows? He might have already created a human being, perhaps in some countries outside Italy? Scientists are not obliged to report to the government on what they are doing.

Worse, genetic engineering is highly democratized. Everybody, even non-scientists, are doing it. Their number could run from hundreds to thousands. Who will monitor them?

Science knows already what our cells can do and what we can be like, once we change their language. Doing so would be leading us close to unveiling the secret of life itself. On June 26, 2000, President Bill Clinton, said: "Today, we are learning the language in which God created life.".

But science is doing it already. We can now read the DNA of every species. We know now how to intervene in the process, nature, and direction of evolution.

Could genetic engineering cure virtually any disease? Any disease that has a genetic code, yes. It can even fix all kinds of diseases. But what happens if diseases were eradicated? Can we make a better human being? Yes, the potential is there.

Science can enhance our abilities—intellectual abilities, physical abilities. It's this genetic- engineering technology that can create a master race or, at the individual level, produce somebody that would be much better than the original, even better than others.

These trailblazing technologies can open the door for rewriting the book of life. We're now, in fact, changing the DNA, our code of life. I think we all agree that it's good to fix diseases. Yet, the question is, should we? Is changing the content of our DNA good or bad?

And who decides whether it is good or bad? What norms should be applied to define the limits and boundaries? What are these and how will they be addressed? And who will do this? Who will determine what is right and not right? The Churches? Governments? Science?

These are some ethical concerns and implications that required urgent responses, already decades ago.

A New Living Species Derived from a Young Monkey and Human Cells

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – April 29, 2021


Recent reports are now going out in public this year (2021) saying that scientists had successfully created a new living species, which is a combination of a cell of a young monkey and a human cell. The outcome is a "chimeric embryo", meaning a two-part species.

A result of a series of laboratory experiments, what is troubling is the intention that this new human-monkey species could be cultivated to grow human organs like hearts and kidneys, which would then be used for organ transplant, a sort of a living Zombie.

If this continues, and I believe it will, we will soon see a proliferation of clandestine Zombie farms in many laboratories around the world, producing chimeric species.

This is horrifyingly disturbing. For we could be creating another phenomenon that is much worse than COVID-19 as we will be creating a new human species with a living monkey in it.

I would not mind if one of my organs will be replaced by a new one. But since I am now a chimeric species, what if the monkey in me dominates my human nature? What if the primate in me dominates my thinking, feeling, aspirations?

I would rather have my cells, tissues, and organs repaired through stem cell therapy. Stem cell production is organic, coming exclusively from a human cell. But with a monkey in it, as the recent chimeric process is trying to venture? No way.

I would rather die than take the risk when the monkey part takes over my life. For then, I would become soulless, spiritless, godless. A walking Zombie with a human intelligence, but invisibly controlled and directed by a small-brained, gobbledygook chimpanzee.

And what becomes of us? A giant body, standing 12 feet tall, super strong and superhuman by our standards, but whose thinking, feeling, and vision are controlled by a six-inch, conscienceless, happy-go-lucky primate, residing its kingdom within us, setting on its throne, hidden from everybody at the center of our huge human body, crowned with gold that symbolizes its power over us.

And they will become the future leaders of all nations across the globe. I even suspect they are already here now ruling each one of us and the entire humanity.

This is becoming a serious legal and ethical concern. Where would we set the limits so we will not violate our ingrained beliefs?

But it's not entirely hopeless. Our relentless hope for something better and our longing to manifest our true essence and being, gives us the power and energy to turn this inhumane world upside down.

Let's shout out our vehement opposition to the production of chimeric species here and now by sharing this article, including the video below, to others.

I'm just forewarning and expressing my deepest concern for the inevitability of a highly distressing future.

David Without the Slingshot

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – May 2, 2021


Let's go to battle like David to save ourselves and the world but this time without the slingshot.

David went to battle in the valley of Elah in the north of ancient Palestine, with his slingshot, to fight against Goliath with his sword that could instantly wipe out an infantry in one sweep.

The temptation to repeat this biblical scene now on a global scale is great, considering the situation we had been experiencing the past two years.

Today, Goliath has multiplied himself a hundredfold and their sword-bearing attire are everywhere. They can just shut off electricity, telephone lines, water supplies, and many other things we are so dependent and accustomed to, anytime they want, under the guise of national security.

The David of today, however, has become armless. I don’t even have a slingshot. Only the hope and faith that, like him, we can save some souls who are suffering because of today's ruthless Goliaths.

But I cannot conscientiously believe that violence can bring about peace, harmony, and justice. Peace can't be achieved by means of arms, weapons, and other killing machines.

The Google dictionary defined violence as the "behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something." Today, there can only be two alternatives. It's either violence or nonviolence. There are only levels of intensity, but no in-between.

I personally believe in nonviolence. Peace and harmony can only be realized through compassion, openness, and mutual understanding. And there are many ways this can be done.

Holding community pantries is best as an immediate solution to hunger and poverty It’s good to share our abundance to our neighbors and the needy, while we still can.

But sooner or later, the issues of vaccinations, spywares, nuclear threats, climate change, water, food, jobs, electricity, and Internet will affect each one of us real hard and this can be crippling.

Let's muster our resources to solve this persistent interruptions, which are done at will by a few elite to further their own interests. I just want to be prepared once these situations come again and I suspect they will come more often than not.

While we still have the resources, try securing a place that already offers fruit-bearing trees, food, water, and free electricity.

If you have one already, you’re lucky. Then, you can continue your community pantries, providing soup kitchens for the children, as well as other essential provisions for the women and the elderly in your neighborhood.

For those who don’t have the financial resources yet, let's look for sponsors from our loved ones and like-minded friends.

I can only say "good luck" to you for now for we are in this same boat together. Nevertheless, let’s continue to enjoy all the kinds of pandemics that seek to inundate us today, for they didn't happen by coincidence of fate.

There must be a reason why these are sent to us. Whatever that reason is, my hope and faith for the future is what's keeping me alive and always moving forward.

As the Green Berets of the US Army would say: "No retreat, no surrender", for the Air Force: "No guts, no glory", and for the Marines: "Always Faithful". And we sing: "Onward, Christian soldiers! Marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before!"

Though uncertain of what it will be, there's always a future as long as we are alive and the kind of future we will have depends on what we are doing now. This makes life so magical and mystical.

The Beasts of Burden and the Silent Light Bearers Coexist

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – March 11, 2021


How about this, Guys...

The economic elite, the politicians, and the NGOs are the beasts in St. John’s Book of Revelation that rule the Lower and Upper Houses, six in the Lower House, six in the Upper House, and six in the banking sector, or 666, known to many as the Mark of the Beast. They are the seven-headed beasts that direct the traffic in the Halls of Congress.

With some exceptions, of course. There are still bearers of light out there trying to light their candles in the dark corners of the halls of congress. And there are so many of them. They are not avoiding the media; it is the media that is avoiding them, for reasons we all know. They have envelopes but they don’t have money in it. They are kept purposely silent by the holders of powers. They only lobby in silence through whispers, word of mouth, or through the social media.

Meanwhile, the justices, prosecutors, and the police forces are the tree-headed beasts that direct the traffic in the Halls of Justice. Again, with some exceptions, for the same reasons. The police forces are complaining why, in spite of strong evidences, the accused are released during brief inquests. And it matters a lot when the accused is poor or rich, drug lords or users. This is why many in the Halls of Justice are feeling discouraged, but relentless in spreading their light.

Take this as an allegory

My Guiding Principles for Our Health Buffs and Physical Fitness Enthusiasts

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.




First: "Eat in order to live, not the other way around."

We are not born to eat, yes. But we end up dead anyway. So let's live to eat and be merry for tomorrow we are no more just the same. Very alluring indeed and many have succumbed to it--dining in the finest restaurants, owning several mansions, fleet of cars, traveling around the world, etc. If money and wealth are in abundance, why not spend them while we can still afford to enjoy life. Your choice anyway.

Second: "The farther the food chain is from us, the better it is for our health."

The closer it is to us, the more they are bombarded with pesticides, chemicals, boosters, and steroids that travel in our bloodstream to tissues or organs, jeopardizing our metabolism and immune system.

Food chains closer to us react emotionally with fear, anger, hatred, revenge, and confusion that enter into us and become part of us.

Third: "Eat based on our nutritional needs, but know the risks and consequences." Consult your Nutritionist; they are trained for this.




1. Know and apply the various modes and forms of exercises.They are designed to keep our body, mind, and spirit always healthy and resistant to toxic foreign bodies.

2. These exercises can be done alone at home or in the gym. They include treadmill, stationary bike, weight lifting, yoga, meditation, praying, chanting songs, reciting the rosary beads, dances, Aikido, cosmic energy healing, sauna bath, body massage, regular sleep, and many others.

3. You can select one or apply a combination of them. Do it regularly. The ideal duration is once or twice a day at least 10 minutes per session or workout.