The Observer Effect

The Observer Effect

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – March 16, 2021


Wherever we are and wherever we go, we are always surrounded by a beautiful scenery of nature. Wherever we look--up, below, left, right, or in front--we are always engulfed in a panoramic natural scenery.

Our scenery can be our home, alone or with our loved ones. It can be our place of work with our work mates, or a gallery of art paintings.

This breathtaking scenery is the context that envelopes our life. We won't exist and evolve without it. It is alive and it gives us life, in the same manner that we give it life to make it all the more alive.

Our scenery is moving at all times. It is always changing from moment to moment. But we go with it as it goes with us, as in the case when we travel from one place to another.

Whether in a state of rest or motion, it is the matrix that can give meaning and purpose to our existence.

We are one with our scenery. We are the scenery and the scenery is us. There's no distinction between us and the scenery.

Whatever your scenery is, find the meaning of your existence and your purpose in life there, not elsewhere. As Joseph Campbell admonished us: "The goal is to match your heartbeat match with the beat of the universe, to match your nature with nature."