Illusion vs Reality

Everything is an Illusion. We’re just a product of somebody else’s dream and imagination

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - June 14, 2022


We live in a 3-D world. When you take a photo of yourself and post it on the wall, the photo becomes 2-D. The 2-D image is a creation of the 3-D image and the 2-D is just an illusion. The 2-D image is simply a photographic representation of the 3-D image. Technically, it is a holographic impression of the 3-D image.

When you look at the mirror, the face you see before you becomes 2-D. It is a resemblance of your 3-D image. The 2-D image would not have existed without the 3-D image. Yet, the 2-D image is just an illusion.

But for the illusion to exist, it must originate from some images that are real. The illusion would not have existed if it was not created by an image that was real.

But is this really so?

Yes, the 2-D world would not have existed without the 3-D image. In like manner, we can say that the 3-D image is a creation of the 4-D portrait, the 4-D portrait is a creation of the 5-D figure, and so on ad infinitum.

We, 4-D beings (time added to space by Einstein), are living as creations or shadows of the 5-D realm. Somebody imagined us and cast a shadow on us, creating us. We are products of somebody else’s imagination.

We would not have existed without the 5-D realm. We exist as an illusion, a holographic representation of the images in the 5-D realm. But the images in the 5-D realm are also a product of an illusion and so on with the higher 6th, 7th, 8th dimensional realms ad infinitum.

We are all living in a holographic world, created by a realm or layer higher than us, but which is also a pictographic representation of the realm higher than it.

Behind every illusion then is reality but that reality is also an illusion, being created by some image higher than it. You may regard where you are as your reality, without losing your focus that you’re just an illusory projection of somebody else’s dream and imagination.

Yes, the entire Cosmos is one vast illusion, a hologram. We’re just like actors and actresses playing our respective roles in whatever we are doing everyday in real life.

There is no fixed purpose, no fixed goal, no fixed program, and no fixed plan to guide us on how to live life fully. Life is not rigid. We’re all free to shape our own world and reality, unless we want to be imprisoned by somebody else’s world.

So, why take life too seriously? It’s more enjoyable and fulfilling to regard life and everything else as a joke. It can be more entertaining and fun.

The late Stephen Hawking said there is nothing beyond death, our life ends here and we should be happy to be given the privilege to be born here during this time even if only for a brief period of time. But having tasted the 5-D world, I have all the more reasons to enjoy and have fun.

Let’s be happy and be contended with whatever we are doing daily and whatever we have. Whatever we don’t have, are not for us. We don’t need them. If they’re for us, they will come to us at our appropriate time. But for now, we don’t need them.

Let’s rather enjoy and be happy in life. Life is too short. Why spend so much time brooding over our problems and things we don’t have? Everything we need to live is already with us. Let’s be happy with what we have.

So, what happens if what you see in front of the mirror is not your face?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - June 19, 2022


This is just one part of the entire picture. We can include some other similar occurrences.

What if you find yourself suddenly speaking alone, only to realize that there is no-one around you?

What happens when you occasionally see stars at night moving at light speed in almost all directions, defying all the laws of Nature and physics.

What happens when you frequently see enchanted beings like dwarves, fairies, gnomes, mermaids, and other mythological beings who are not like us (dili ingon nato)? You could even be privileged to have witnessed some apparitions, but not seen by others beside you.

What happens when you find yourself hearing bells ringing, music playing, sounds of insects normally heard in forests, or sounds of waves, yet you’re simply alone in your bedroom?

What happens when you find yourself speaking in tongues? It could be Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, or any other languages which are foreign to you. What is stranger is that you don’t understand what you’re talking about.

What happens if you can foretell events and feel the urge to blurt them out openly to someone you feel is trustworthy enough but don’t know why only to that particular person, and not to your loved ones or friends closest to you?

What if you just found yourself able to heal and transform other people’s lives, but want to keep it secret to preserve your privacy?

Here are some explanations I gathered from various disciplines:

(1) Science says there might be something wrong with the mirror. It could be convex, concave, or one-way.

Or you could be imagining things, even hallucinating, i.e., hearing, seeing, or smelling things that are not there? Often, these can be as intense and as real as sensory perceptions.

(2) Religion says you could be seeing a real ghost, devil, or an angel. It could be St. Elmo’s fire. The transfiguration of Jesus in Mount Tabor in Galilee was witnessed by his apostles, who say they were real and even seeing other ancient prophets in the Old Testament.

(3) Hypnotherapists would say you could be seeing your other Self in your past life or in your future life. Or, you could have been hypnotized or drugged.

(4) Psychologists would say you can be seeing your own image that had been lying dormant in your subconscious or unconscious, now trying to assert itself.

(5) Neuroscientists would say that a fiber of your nerve cells must have been stirred by some external forces triggering an area in your neocortex to produce that image.

(6) Philosophers would say that your mind could just be playing tricks with you, a simple case of mental illusion and delusion.

But what’s the point of raising all these extra normal occurrences at all?

Simply because many have experienced these phenomena and I’m receiving messages from my Messenger and Inbox asking me for some explanations and some words on what’s to be done about this, especially if they become recurrent.

I cannot just simply ignore them, let alone dismiss these psi occurrences.

But if the image persists, I was always quick to say to them that they better consult their doctor, psychiatrist, Guru, confessor, or some other confidante.

Based on my personal experience, my concern was to pursue these out-of-this-world happenings to find out if there could be some underlying messages and information primarily addressed to me as the perceiver.

In this respect, the explanations offered by the above academic disciplines became a sound jumping board for me to ask even deeper questions:

“Why is this happening to me? What messages and information are they trying to convey? How can I decode them?

This entailed some self-introspection and a quick review of one’s life history. For some, I got answers. Others still remain to be deciphered. Pursuing these issues is to me a clear sign that life is moving on and progressing, even if it means slower than a turtle’s pace.

We Are All Victims of Our Own-Made Illusory Reality

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – August 15, 2021


We are just pilgrims here, passing by for varied reasons. The few rich and powerful think they own the world. They consider the poor a scourge and menace to society, even as an evil incarnate afflicted with a deadly leprosy or malignant tumor, whose sight and smell are unpleasant, odd, repulsive and whose lives need to be exterminated and vanished from the face of this Earth.

Yet, the poor, like us, feel like they're permanent settlers, not passers by. They don't realize they're imprisoned in their own respective teeny-weeny world unable to get out of their self-imposed detention cell.

The parolees and escapees are not much better off either because they live a fugitive's life and existence, hiding and always fearful of being caught by the long arm of the law.

Paradoxically, many are still able to enjoy the vim and vigor of prison life, where the only form of order is the law of the jungle. Their highest ambition is to be rich, famous, and powerful among their fellow poor and oppressed.

Their tool of existence is to annoy and enslave others as well as to be cruel and violent, just as what their masters did to them. This is their primary means of survival, their only stock--in-trade.

To achieve this delusory and imaginary vision, they strategize a plan, which is, of course, an illusion, but a probable possibility. They proclaim and broadcast this deceptive vision and wild fantasy in terms of stories to attract people and increase their followers and disciples. The story, of course, is a lie.

All that had to be done is to step into the lie and illusion and bring it to life. Once alive, what was once a possibility now becomes genuinely real. And they, as well as their followers and disciples, become real living in a flawless public facade masked with peace, harmony, and compassion but in reality hiding inside a Pandora's box of deception, violence, war, and injustices.

Yet, from a more distant perspective, the perpetrators and victims of an illusory reality are also part of the lie and illusion. The newly created world is an illusion, a lie. But the lie becomes true in an illusory world. There's no more distinction between what is true and what is a lie, no more distinction between what is genuine and what is fake.

So, this is how we describe our world today. Within reality is an illusion, within an illusion, reality and so on. Within truth is untruth, within untruth, truth and so on. Within existence, non-existence, within non-existence, existence and so on.

Within the body is the shadow, within the shadow, the body and so on. Within the observed, the observer, within the observer, the observed and so on. Within the genuine is fake, within fake, genuine and so on.

A confused and muddled identity, aggravating an already chaotic and violent world. What is worse is that we do not realize we are talking of ourselves and the world we are living in. And we cannot get out of our own eggshell if we

consciously and voluntarily want to make fools of ourselves.

How can we be the voice of St John the Baptist who cries in the wilderness, but whose sounds, like thunder reverberating at light speed, continue to echo far and wide to this day and into still many generations to come?