Quantum Physics

The World of Atoms

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – November 9, 2021


There are strange things happening in the world of atoms. Here’s a list of topics which we discuss in class.

(a) The Existence of Opposites

(b) The Principle of Complementarity

(c) Creation-Annihilation-Creation

(d) The Dual Nature of Atoms as both Particle and Wave

(e) The Pilot Wave

(f) The Observer Effect and the Wave Function Collapse

(g) The World of Infinite Possibilities and Potentialities

(h) The Uncertainty Principle

(i) Quantum Jump, quantum entanglement, instantaneous transfer of communication, quantum teleportation, non-locality, timelessness

(j) String theory, M theory, parallel universes

(k) The Holographic Universe.

The World of Atoms: Portal to the Divine Spirit

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – November 11, 2021


The world of atoms is the realm of the tiny and the tinniest. Today, it is widely accepted that one atom is 99.00% empty space. Yet, it houses hundreds, even thousands, of particles, many of which still remained to be discovered and named.

The Chinese sage Lao Tsu appears to have already described the world of atoms: “One of deep virtue cherishes the subtle essence of the universe. The subtle essence of the universe is elusive and evasive, it unveils itself as images and forms. Evasive and elusive, it discloses itself as indefinable substance. Shadowy and indistinct, it reveals itself as impalpable subtle essence. This essence is so subtle, and yet so real.”

But, where did the 1% originate? David Bohm says that it came from the higher dimension of existence, described as the realm of the Unmanifested, Unrevealed, Uncreated, Unborn, Unoriginated, and Undying, attributes that bear close resemblance to the God of Religion. Indeed, some particles like electrons and photons live millions and billions of years, immortal, eternal, and infinite by human standards.

Ervin Laszlo says that in the 1900, you could not have believed that science has a religious faith and be logically consistent. But today, you can believe in science and have a spiritual view of the world. The basis of the physical world is metaphysical.

It is metaphysical and spiritual because deep down in the atomic world, particles have no more mass, size, and weight. “Elementary particles are no longer real in the same sense as objects of daily life, trees of stones", quips Werner Heisenberg.

Dean Radin says that: “deep down into the nature of matter, everything we know about the everyday world dissolves. There are no objects anymore … there’s no locality anymore, there’s no time anymore."

Subatomic particles transcend time and space. They can travel at light speed, even faster, that it's almost impossible to locate where they are at any moment in time. They are omnipresent anytime everywhere. They can appear and disappear at will and be conscious of what we they are doing.

What is even stranger than fiction is that what is happening in the world of elementary particles is also happening in the large-scale structures—planets, moons, suns, stars, galaxies, and so on.

This is because we all came from atoms that erupted from the singularity during the Big Bang, 13.7 billions years ago. Called supernova, this momentous cosmic event in our history produced the strings that form the quarks, leptons, neutrons, protons that finally gave birth to the Primal Atoms.

Atoms then combined with other atoms to form molecules and produce lighter elements like hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen then heavier elements as they now appear in the famous Periodic Table of Chemical Elements.

Atoms and molecules constitute the forces of nature—air, fire, element, water, atmosphere, rivers, trees, animals, and other subhuman species. They are within us—in our body, brain, mind, in our thoughts, feelings and actions, as well as in our conscious, subconscious, unconscious minds.

Subatomic particles can defy physical laws for they can quantum jump, entangle with each other, relay instantaneous transfer of communication, teleport, project themselves astrally, and many other phenomena we consider paranormal.

Strange events in the atomic world, like passing through a wall without destroying its original structure can also be done by us humans. We can also pass through a mountain without going up and rolling down to reach the other side, by simply passing through the mountain, as if tunneling through it, but without destroying its structure and land on the other side and even go back at will.

Believe it or not. Science does not care whether people believe or not in this ghostly behavior of particles. But it says it is a common and normal phenomenon in the world of subatomic particles.

From the perspective of science, if humans cannot replicate the events happening in the atomic world, we can only be too conditioned by others to believe we can’t do wall penetration. Or perhaps, our body is just too physically tied down to the material level of existence.

Yet, how do we explain saints, sages, mystics, and yogis who have been seen in other parts of the world without leaving their physical body and without interrupting the things they are doing?

Yes, we human species are composed of physical and spiritual elements. Philosophers would say we are embodied spirits or bodies animated by the force and power of the spirit within us.

Both contemporary science and religion contend that the spirit enters the physical realm in order to experience what it means to live in a physical body, in the same manner that the body allows itself to be soaked by the spirit in order to learn what it means to live as a spirit.

Who is learning more from whom depends on the way we respond on the things and events happening around us today, especially during this time of intensifying global pandemic. It depends on how we relate to our families, friends, neighbors, office mates, inferiors, and superiors, our subordinates and leaders, whether in government, politics, or religion.

Indeed, the world of atoms is a wave of relationships, possibilities, potentialities and probabilities for us to learn, unlearn, and learn some more. Our respond to them can make or unmake us.

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DR. QUANTUM - DOUBLE SLIT EXPERIMENT … Quantum physics is the study of the interaction of atoms and the microscopic universe. Quantum Physics gave us TV (the image is formed by electrons being shot at a layer of phosphorous on the inside of the screen.) Quantum also gave us microwave ovens, lasers, cell phones, nuclear energy, and the atom bomb. In the early days Quantum researchers did various experiments on electrons, or the tiny particles that seem to fly around the nucleus of an atom and of which everything in our present existence is made. The results of these experiments caused the world of physics to question many of its laws, and even had Einstein losing it over what it all meant.

Insights from a Buddhist Guru


“The world of atoms is infinitesimal. It is 99% empty space. Yet, it is home to hundreds and thousands of subatomic particles that produce all the things around us, all creatures, planets, stars, and galaxies in the skies, including us humans.mNevertheless, within that miniscule world, there is interconnectivity, interrelationships, harmony, symmetry, and peaceful coexistence, varying only in degrees of intensity and intimacy as well as each other's boundaries and time exposure.


“To what extent do all this are present in you, only you know. Only you can define how much you are able to share to your grandparents, parents, spouse, children, loved ones, and others in society. Only you can define how much of yourself are you willing to impart, as well as how much space, time, and resources you are willing to share to them."