We Are All Connected

Which is better, unity or disunity?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – June 18, 2021


If we assume that unity and disunity are opposites, then, my answer is both. We need both to establish order and harmony. This is what happened the moment after creation.

After so much chaos and confusion, disunity and unity, creation and annihilation, construction and deconstruction after the Big Bang, there emerged perfect harmony, peace, and union, manifested in the awesome structures in the heavens above, looking like splintered milk but adorned with colorful solar systems and galaxies that dance to the music played by an Invisible Pied Piper.

That was after billion years of chaos, bombardments of meteorites, volcanic eruptions, tsunàmis, nuclear explosions, unity, multiplicity, division, and diversity. We will establish a New World and New Earth as awesome and grandiose as creation amidst the ruins and destructions, actions and reactions, life and death caused by the pandemics.

We can apply Hegel's concept of dialectics as well as Marx and Engels dialectical materialism, namely: thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. Synthesis is the dissolution of thesis and antithesis and is supposed to be a betterment and an improvement of the opposites.

But the problem is that the better tomorrow promised by Marx in his Communist Manifesto remains elusive to this day. And I wonder if it will really come for the next millennia.

The other alternative is to consider the two elements not as opposites, but as complementary to each other. Cooperation rather than competition. Teamwork rather than rugged individualism. Interdependence rather than reductionist independence.

From this perspective, we can have unity and disunity, creation and annihilation, construction and deconstruction. It does not matter. But we need an acceptable and workable model for this.

But this is something that today's world ideologies cannot offer. Divide-and-rule remains the rule. It's today's game of life. The rich aren't too comfortable for us--weak and poor--uniting with each other and rising up against them. It could be too much chaos and confusion.

I think the only remaining way for us to do this is to offer an alternative model that would not dissolve the thesis-antithesis of Karl Marx, but rather include them in the entire cosmic landscape on which the foundation of the New World and New Earth would be established.

We have the resources, talents, and skills to do this. It's only a matter of starting it. We just have to lay down some ground rules first on how we can work together harmoniously.

General Ground Rules: Points for Discussion

Democracy as the Overall Architectural Model. This means democratic participation by the people in the following:

(1) All fields of societal endeavors, be it political, economic, social, cultural, religious, or ecological;

(2) All processes of decision-making from project ideation, project formulation, project implementation, project monitoring, and project evaluation;

(3) All levels of society from the national down to the village leve.

Specific Program Areas of Democratic Participation

Only titles of subheadings are given here, namely:

(1) Political Democracy

(2) Economic Democracy

(3) Social Democracy

(4) Cultural Democracy

(5) Religious Freedom and Democracy

(6) Ecological Democracy

(7) Foreign Affairs

Then, let's test-pilot this in a small village, the poorest of the poor community. Or, one can fast track this and be more ambitious, by applying it to a country.

The Challenge:

Nobody is interested. Nobody cares.

Nevertheless, I prepared a blueprint laying down everything to the last detail, ready for implementation anytime. Even the cost of the project codenamed ALGAE is ready for a closed-door review by the Project Sponsor. Pledges submitted. Keep them coming. Let's go global this time.

We Are Entangled is not Entrapped With Each Other

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – November 23, 2021


We're all alive, designed to relay electromagnetic forces that receive and pass on electrical signals to each other for a reason. If two individuals, like husband and wife, are in constant exchanges and communion with each other, they are entwined in each other's embrace to produce offsprings.

This is true at the atomic, atmospheric, planetary, and galactic levels. Subatomic particles are locked into each other to form the stable atoms. The atmosphere is already set to form cycles from solid to liquid, steam, and back to ensure the life and existence of all the inhabitants below.

The planets and Sun are already stationed properly in their respective places to ensure the existence of our Solar System. And so are the galaxies that are kept alive by the billions of suns and stars rotating around their respective axes.

At the human level, this also explains why soul or twin mates are possible. The two souls are bound and destined to be together. Quantum physics calls this entanglement. A little disturbance in the vibration of one individual instantaneously affects the other, whose response heightens the intensity of the vibration. The synergistic effect cements the bonding of the two. No distance can separate them apart. For the two are already weaved into each other like a piece of cloth.

But there is such a thing as cosmic entanglement, where bonding can be limitless and endless regardless of time, space, and dimension. For example, I am entangled with so many species, humans or not, visible or invisible, material or spiritual. I maintain my communion and communication with them, just as they do to me.

And so is each one of us. We are all entangled with all creatures at varying levels of frequency and vibration, rotating at the center, which is the Primal Source of all entanglements. This is the natural order of things and events regardless of whether we are aware of this or not.

But entanglement can also depart from its original cosmic intent since this can be easily manipulated and exploited by a few individuals or groups for their own advantage. When this happens, entanglement has metamorphosed into entrapment, which is synonymous to capturing, trapping, ambushing, deceiving, or ensnaring others. Beware of entrapments for we can be so deluded and mesmerized that they can appear to us as entanglements. Or, perhaps, we are not just conscious that we are already victims of entrapments.

Nevertheless, if the Cosmos has its way, humanity's journey is a continuing expansion of each other's entanglement, from the physical to the mental, psychical, and spiritual level, until we finally become united as One cosmic entity. This cosmic journey could take a lifetime. It could also be endless. But we can either shorten or prolong it. It's our choice.

In our moments of silence and solitude, it's good to reflect and examine whether we are living in the world of expanding entanglement or worsening entrapment.