The World Beyond

There are two kinds of world, namely, the world outside and the world inside us

September 5, 2021


The World Outside

The world outside is created for us by others, a product of their wild imagination and fantasy. It is not our world. We are only herded to live into their world. They want us to believe that it is the only true world. But it is their own making and we are forced to accept and adapt to their world. We are only to accept the kind of world they offer us.

We accept the minimum wage they impose on us. We accept the kind and quality of education they offer us. With our meagre income and resources, we are forced to live in a predetermined neighborhood and community.

Many are forced to live in slum areas, while others simply go homeless. A few are able to rent a small space. But the majority are unable to own a house.

We are to obey the laws and regulations they enacted for us. Failure to comply means penalty. Violation can mean incarceration and marginalization from the mainstream world.

We have no choice. They control our thoughts, feelings, aspirations, visions, dreams, and behavior. Grudgingly, we accept or suffer from indignation and poverty. We are imprisoned into their world, with guards standing all around to keep us in check. They don’t want us to go astray. They say it’s for our own good.

The World Inside

But there is another world inside us. This is the world of consciousness who is steadily aware of what is going on in the external world, but without being influenced and dictated by the dynamics of the external world. It is simply aware and in communion with itself, observant of what is going on around.

But it is not passive or inactive. It has the innate power and capability to influence its body, mind, and psychosocial behavior. It has the magic and gift to influence our thoughts, feelings, behavior, and other machinations of the mind. Through this powerful influence, it sends out electromagnetic energies and vibrations that are able to influence the outside world.

The inner world is pure, spotless, unsoiled by the dusts and clays of the body, brain, mind as well as the pollutions, toxicities, impurities surrounding us in the atmosphere. It cannot be contaminated by the chemicals that are bombarding our environment daily. It cannot be afflicted by the infectious coronavirus.

Unlike the external world, the inner world is free. It can do whatever it desires, subject only to its own-designed laws and those divinely inspired.

The world inside is joyous and blissful. The world outside is tormenting, enmeshed in pain and suffering, deceptive, exploitative, and manipulative.

Whose world are you living in? Which world is influencing your thoughts, feelings, personality, and lifestyle?

The Inner World and the Outer World

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – May 27, 2002


The outer world is the external world, the world outside us. It is a creation of those who came before us, the world we are living right now just the same.

The forms and infrastructures we see like buildings, highways, electricity, etc. are products of other people's imagination, thinking, ingenuity, and resourcefulness, after having been put together in the form of plans, programs, and projects.

The inner world is inside us. It is our world of thoughts, feelings, dreams, visions. Its content and form are within our easy reach. We can manage and control them the way we want it to be, given our needs--physical, mental, psychosocial, spiritual--resources, expertise, and talents.

There is an interacting relationship between the inner and outer worlds.

The external world can influence our thoughts, feelings, aspirations, visions, dreams, and behavior. And vice versa, our thoughts, feelings, aspirations, visions, dreams, and behavior can likewise influence the outer world.

But it is much easier for us to manage our inner world than the outer world. We know our own world better than the outer world. We know when we are hungry or not. We are free to eat or not when we are hungry or not hungry. We know when it's time to eat, what to eat, how much to eat, and when to stop eating.

We know what we want and why we want it. We know what we don't want and why we don't want it. We know what to think and feel and why we want it. We know what we don't want to think and feel and why we don't want it. We can decide whether to think and feel only those that are good or bad for us.

In general, we know more our life than the lives of others. We know more who and what we are than others know us. We are more in a position to decide what is good or bad for us than others.

We also know that what is good or bad for us may not be so for others. We know we cannot just impose the kind of life we live or beliefs we hold on others. They have their own lives and beliefs to live by too, in the same manner that they cannot impose their lives and beliefs on us.

The world outside is very complicated compared to the world inside us. Still, it is our decision to live either by the dynamics and operations of the inside or outside world, or even a mixture of both. What takes precedence is ours to decide too.

While undetectable to our ordinary human senses, the atomic or quantum world has much to say in terms of explaining our interconnectedness and interrelatedness with everything in the Cosmos as well as explaining our conscious and unconscious behavior.


Our Multi-faceted Faces

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – April 20, 2022


If the people still vote for the guy considered as corrupt by others, then, they must have seen something more in the guy that our country may need more badly, but is not present in other presidential contenders. Or if the people still vote for this guy we consider corrupt, then, one still asks: “Who amongst all the contenders is not?” Let them cast the first stone! (John 8:7).


I am raising these issues simply to highlight the fact that each of us has different perceptions of the reality outside. Each of us has different understanding of the other person. For some, I can be perceived as a devil incarnate, the epitome of the vilest of all evil, a hypocrite, or a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. For others, I may not appear so.


A thousand individuals seeing and perceiving me can have a thousand picture of what or who I am. I can’t say that their perception of who and what I am is wrong. Who am I to judge them? I was not given a blanket authority to judge anybody. It’s only they who can give judgement on their own subjective perceptions. And I see no use of arguing, just to prove them wrong of their perception about my personality. To insist so would only mean endless debates and arguments that could only lead to violence and perhaps bloodshed as what is happening now in the relationship between and among nations.


As long as we’re imprisoned in this 4-D world of duality and contradiction, we will always be enmeshed in this tug-of-war relationship between good and evil.

But for every given thesis and anti-thesis, there is always a synthesis, a way out, a new perception that is able to unite the dialectics of matter. In the final analysis, it is this integrating synthesis or principle that matters.

Could there be a realm beyond the world of God?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – August 2, 2021


In Christianity, this is unthinkable and impossible. For God is the beginning and end of all things, the Alpha and the Omega. Outside God, there is nothing.

In quantum physics, this attribute is ascribed to Energy, which physicists baptized as the Uncreated, Unborn, Unmanifested, and Unrevealed. It is all there is to it. Beyond it, there's also nothing.

Both science and religion appear to be referring to the same phenomenon. But we cannot just conclusively infer that God equals Energy. To accept this mathematical formulation would require a leap of faith which new physics won't accept. For this reason, both camps remain exclusivists. They go their own separate ways tagging along their respective followers.

The world becomes divided into two camps, with their distinct and unique features. When they meet, they can collide and explode.

For many years, I often asked myself: "Can I go beyond science and religion?" "Can I go beyond my mind and heart?"

My intuition and gut-feeling are confident I can. And this has become my obsession, to explore and dig the Cosmos as far as my finite mind can go. Science and religion will not go out of their way just to cater to my personal concern. My transcendental quest does not have anything to do with them. Only I can do this and I'm on my own.

It could be that my curiosity and wild imagination are getting hold of me. But I unleashed them nonetheless. Whether or not I'll be able to discover something beyond science and religion, whatever that is, I will only know if I pursue my search.

And, over the years, I have ventured into the unknown, finding new things along the way, things and events I would never have expected. But this short post is not intended to enumerate my findings. They are already chronicled in my four cosmic books.

If you're as curious as any child is, you may try it for yourself and you will know and discover what I'm talking about. What you will know and discover along the way could be very different from what I encountered. But I can assure you, it's something that only relates to your own life.

There's Something Beyond Religion That Only Man Can Explore

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – December 27, 2021


Although religion is focused on the metaphysical, it places all its faith and confidence on the existence of God, whose nature and attributes have been stained by their founders through the ages. Our view of God has become anthropocentric or man-made, diluted by our imperfections and weaknesses.

Over the years, my journey as a seeker has shifted from being an intense believer in a Divine Creator to a fervent disciple of science. But WHAT IF both science and religion have it all wrong? WHAT IF there is a bigger, deeper, and more noble meaning to life and existence than the ones they propounded?

If only to continue my search for meaning and purpose in life, I went beyond the threshold of both science and religion. I continued exploring the world beyond, the unknown, and the uncertain.

In the process, my personal adventure has opened a path I have not trodden before. I have discovered a new story of the Cosmos that transcends the creation story propounded by both science and religion.

As a programmer of my life, I have come to realize that while Catholicism and Christianity teach good tidings, so do other religions like Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Sufism, Mohammedanism, Sheikhism, etc.

Even then, I could not discount the fact that there is still something beyond, even if all these religious beliefs are put together as one. According to modern science, we only know about 5% of the Cosmos, a mere tip of the iceberg. On our own initiative, we can always continue our exploration of the remaining 95%, which still remain in the dark.

What lurks in this darkness, I still don't know. But every step to the unknown, I experience something joyful, peaceful, and oneness every now and then. Every moment I move forward stirs that inner force and fans the ember within, which I suspect is the place where the treasures I've been looking for, all along, is hidden.

In the meantime, let me enjoy the white, chilly, wintery Christmas here.

There's a World Beyond Science and Religion

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – January 6, 2021


I have reconciled what religion and science could not reconcile about the world beyond. Between themselves, they're always at odds with each other and it’s most likely improbable that they will even attempt to do it. Because it takes a leap of faith to say that the “soul”, for example, that science is talking about is the same soul or spirit that religion teaches. That’s why science use the term soul in open and close quotation.

In like manner, it’s not logical to infer that the God that science is talking about is the same as the God of all religions (different religious beliefs cannot even agree a common God). This is a huge leap of faith, which quantum physics won't totally accept, as this would be defying its laws of physics.

I don’t think that science is willing to be under the umbrella of religion or religion under the cloak of science. Division will always prevail between them. At least, they are doing the most they can do, which is to respect each other's beliefs. But they cannot help people free from their clutches and confinements.

Yet, I no longer need their seal of approval since I'm speaking of my own little world here and beyond. I believe only us, humans, can do the reconciliation. In my experience, there's a world beyond science and religion.

Yes, there is a world out there where there's no science and no religion, where all successful learners and searchers on Earth and elsewhere in our trillions of galaxies, are destined to go. Science and religion are helpful vehicles and tools for us to reach that world out there. But they lose their meaning and relevance once they start imprisoning and enslaving us to their respective beliefs, once they start beguiling us with their rewards and promises, once they start intimidating us with their sanctions.

Isaac Newton once said: "To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me."

Join me at your own risk. But whatever you'll discover and experience, it will only be applicable and meaningful to you. And why not? Our relationship with those dwelling in the world beyond is something very personal.

Quantum Light and the Light Beyond

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – January 5, 2021


Quantum science says that light is triggered in the atomic world when electrons jump from their higher to lower energy state of existence. It's composed of photons, which are not bits of particles (or unparticle), moving at light speed in the entire matrix of time, space, energy, and matter.

Imagine a sand dune. From afar, we see it as a mound or hill but, on a closer look, it's composed of tiny sands. Light is the same. It's not empty but composed of tiny bits of massless particles.

Yet, it can be obstructed by thick walls, casting a dark shadow on the other side. Paradoxically, light can also dispel this shadow of darkness because it is everywhere. It moves in all directions across time. It's not limited by space or interrupted by time intervals.

Light can even penetrate solid objects because it's composed of particles that are massless, traveling at 300,000 km/sec or 186,000 miles/sec. It can dissolve, penetrate, or brighten objects, like glass, water, or stones.

This is so because light behaves both as a particle and wave and science says that, since light travels as an electromagnetic energy, there exists that probability that it will tunnel through the other side of the wall without destroying the latter's form and structure. In this case, light has transformed from a particle to wave. Technically, this is the double-slit phenomenon.

As experienced, this is parallel to saying that the Light in the world beyond is also one big electron consisting of photons, this time, the divine entities, revolving around a center or nucleus. The world beyond is just one big Atom, populated by millions of subatomic particles or entities at varying energy states of life and existence. Light is made even brighter by the radiance of the celestial entities composing it.

My intuition and experience tell me that what is happening in the quantum world is also happening in the world beyond, but which science may not totally agree because of its materialist perspective of viewing reality. Nonetheless, there's enough proof for me to declare that there's really something bigger, stronger, and more powerful out there whose life and existence transcends the laws of both science and religion.

A Journey to the World Beyond the Physical and Spiritual

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – December 19, 2021


In my out-of-this-world journey, I immediately realize that there is nothing at all. Wherever it is, there are no signs of creation. There is no universe, no Cosmos, no humans, no creatures, no visible entities, no signs of a creator, no gods, no goddesses, no spirits, no angels, no extraterrestrial beings.

I experience no time at all, no Alpha, no Omega, no beginning, no end, either. There's no time to wait for anything or anybody; no time is wasted. Wherever I want to go, I am there as I'm also here. I'm everywhere and anywhere any time. The experience of omnipresence is intense. It's all the same every moment everywhere and anywhere.

What's noticeable is the experience of eternity and infinity. Wherever I am, I am everywhere and anywhere. There is no duration in moving here and there. There's no experience of moving and going anywhere and everywhere since anywhere is everywhere and everywhere is anywhere. There's neither above nor below since there's no space, no coordinates, and no locality. There is nowhere to go to, in fact.

Anywhere in the vast expanse of the field is experienced instantaneously and instantly without moving. Yet, everything is moving and flowing smoothly and synchronously to new horizons.

There is no matter, no size, no weight, no mass, no forms, no structures. Everything is experienced as energy manifesting in varying levels of frequency and vibration. I constantly experience encountering other levels and frequency of energy and vibration. There are no obstacles to hinder communications and communion with the other.

I hanker for nothing, since everything is already within and around me in its fullness. There nothing to expect, desire, or hope for. There is nothing to do to complete. Everything is entirely whole and perfect in itself.

An experience of fullness and bliss prevails. There's no experience of emptiness, isolation, boredom, loneliness. Everything is one vast wholeness, harmoniously united, related, and connected to each other as one whole unit. The experience of union and communion is intense and wholesome.

The vast expanse of nothingness is shining as a bright light that enlivens and animates the entire horizon. There's no absence of light, no darkness, no shadows lurking in the dark to snatch away and extinguish the light..

There are no images, no concepts, no ideas, no symbols, no principles. There is no concept of good, beauty, love in the same manner that there is no idea of evil, bad, ugly, and beast. Neither are there concepts of compassion, caring, sharing in the same manner that there is no concept of greed, corruption, manipulation, and deception.

There is no concept of morality and immorality, either. In nothingness, no one is ethical or unethical. Everything experienced is pure and spotless, untainted and unspoiled by any dent of materiality and physicality as well as spirituality and divinity.

There's no concept of freedom, liberation, resurrection, ascension. For there's nothing to be freed from. Liberation from what? Resurrection from what? Ascension to where? There's only nothingness and nothing does not need anything because it is everything.

Yet, everything is unmanifested, unrevealed, unknown, uncreated, unborn, and undying. For there is nothing to manifest, reveal, know, create, and die. Everything is complete with limitless and endless opportunities, possibilities, and potentialities.

In brief, nothingness existed by itself, of itself, and for itself. It is different from that espoused by both science and religion, which are based on physicality and spirituality. There are no laws to regulate nothingness. Nothingness is experienced as existence, essence, eternity, immortality, omnipresence, wholeness, and life.

Yes, there's no religion, no God, gods and goddesses, spirits, and extraterrestrials, no science, no technology, no political parties, no race, no beliefs, no ideologies, no duality, no polarity, no purpose, no vision, no violence, as earthlings and mortals understand these terms. There's only bliss, peace, love, and harmony.

Am I just dreaming, fantasizing, engaged in fantasies and wild imaginations? Call it what it is. But I experienced it. I was there with the Light.

My exploration of the world beyond must go on….

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – December 19, 2021


How can I explain the existence of the Cosmos and all its creatures, including the emergence of the gods, goddesses, spirits, and other extraterrestrial beings? Is this a product of the world of nothingness?

My response could be quite disturbing and shocking. What I'll be saying here is intended only for myself. I have no intentions of converting people. For, like me, they too can structure their own world the way they desire it to be.


The Cosmos is just a product of people's imagination. It's all illusion, fantasy, and make-belief, concocted when people appeared in their four-dimensional world.

Becoming smarter and shrewed, one group of people created somebody bigger and more powerful than themselves whom they can turn to either in times of need or failure. For gaining favors, they bribe their god, goddesses, and idols with rituals. For blaming them as the cause of the people's misery and suffering, they are able to evade the wrath and ire of the people.

The other group of people realized their innate talents, skills, and expertise that they invented humanoids or robots who are able to do and perform what ordinary individuals could do. Realizing that they can acquire power and attributes of the gods and goddesses and can become like them, they reengineered the genes and DNA of all living species so that their physical bodies can detect, diagnose, and repair or replace any ailing and defective organs.

Indeed, this group of species have now produced other variants of creatures that are able to withstand the rigor of extreme climatic conditions that they feel they no longer need the intervention of the divine and the spiritual. Development and growth become directed by wherever science and technology may bring them.

Of course, I could not discount the fact that we need all these beliefs in order to make sense of the chaos, disorder, confusion that continue to prevail during this time of the pandemic. This is one measure we can be safe and stay blessed. We need to follow their protocols.

And there could be some reasons why we are placed in this particular planet in our Solar System, not in Pluto, Jupiter, or Venus. Whether it is to learn or just to survive does not matter. We are just here to live and be happy and joyful while living it out. As they say, life is too short.

But there is another way of staying safe and blessed. Our body and spirit are designed for it to insure that we remain happy and joyful for eternity. It is the only reality, unconcerned of the illusions going on in Planet Earth.

The world beyond them, the realm where I have traversed, has nothing to do with the creation of science and religion. It does not care what they are doing and where they will be leading to. It is purely their concern.

Whether they are killing each other, whether they die or not, the world beyond does not feel or show any compassion. Neither does it see any need of a savior, especially because they have already their prophets and Messiahs.

The world beyond is not responsible for anything that appears and happens in the physical and spiritual Cosmos, including all it's creatures. It's not its creator. Neither does it expect any indebtedness from them. They can only be indebted to themselves.

But is this what really is? Critical as I am, WHAT IF this is not so?

My apologies to those who feel they are being critized or attacked. But if you feel guilty, question those who have drowned you with their beliefs since birth. They had been imposing what they want on us, not what we want. And if you want to go beyond the world of science and religion, find your own way out.

For me, I will continue my exploration to know and experience more. I can only be proven right or wrong this way. That's why if you want to explore what's beyond us, do so at your own risk because there's no guarantee of where you'll be going and what you'll discover and experience.

But whether right or wrong, what matters is that I'm expanding my horizons. I don't care anymore where I'm going as long as I know what I'm doing.

But is my narrative of what I know and experience of the world beyond only a negation of what I know about the physical and spiritual world?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – December 21, 2021


In philosophy, literature, and science, a negation is an intuitive interpretation. It is understanding or knowing something without any direct evidence or reasoning process. Psychics are intuitive. Women know when you’re lying.

In negation, if the finding is true, then, the opposite is false. In other words, the negation of something is its complete opposite. The finding is destroyed and demolished. It loses its effect. For example, the opposite of existence is non-existence, eternal noneternal, infinity not infinite, omnipresent not omnipresent.

In mathematics, negation has nothing parallel to it. It cannot contradict itself because there is nothing in it that could contradict itself. In psychology, intuitive interpretation can even be all-encompassing. In the case of negation, nothingness is not only knowing something without any direct evidence or reasoning process. It can contain something else. It hides many things else than what meets the eye.

But can my description of what I discovered and experienced of the world beyond negate itself?

First, let’s have a snapshot of the world beyond. It is a realm of nothingness. This nothingness is not non-existent, but existent swarmed with life, vibrating as energy, in varying levels of frequency. It transcends time, space, and matter whose field expands endlessly in all directions without limits, without obstructions. In a word, it is infinitely eternal, stretching itself beyond everything imaginable and unimaginable to the mind of the explorer.

Although it is the realm of nothingness, it manifests itself to the explorer and discoverer as Light, shining brightly across the entire field and matrix of existence, which is likewise limitless and endless. Merging and communing with the Light, one gets the experience of being omnipresent as well as all-powerful and mighty.

Finally, there is nothing outside the world beyond to negate itself because there is nothing outside itself. The Light is all there is, no shadow of any form of darkness. Light is not darkness for there is no darkness to contradict and invalidate it.

Existence, eternity, immortality, omnipresence, all-powerful are neatly interwoven as one whole project that there is nothing parallel to it. Being so, they cannot intersect with anything because they are all-inclusive and all-encompassing. There is nothing in its attributes that could contradict itself. To suggest so would be self-contradictory and self-contradiction could not be true.

Is the world beyond, then, a closed system?

Yes, for there is nothing outside that could add something to what it already has. The world beyond is already whole that it does not need anything to complete itself. This is the realm where the law of thermodynamics, entropy, and energy conservation ends.

Too assuming to base one’s argument? Not really. For can religion not also say that God cannot also contradict itself, a sort of saying what Stephen Hawking posed: “Can God create a stone that it cannot lift?” In like manner, can science also contradict its own laws of physics, rationality, empirical verification, and causality?

Certainly not. But it is another case when we place the world beyond and the our four-dimensional Cosmos side-by-side. Again, this could not happen because as I said in my earlier post, the world beyond has no relationship at all with our universe. It is not the cause of our universe and all the things in it and our universe is not the cause of its creation. Up there in the world beyond, there is no science and no religion.

If this is so, who created God and the universe? Religion and science have to do a lot of explaning. Who established their commandments, laws, and beliefs? I will leave these questions to the philosophers, theologians, and scientists.

In the meantime, I have to continue my journey in order to discover, know, and experience some more. The momentum is unstoppable. The trigger and inspiration to go on is no longer based on religion and science.

Reconciling my "World Beyond" and that of Religion

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.DD. – December 29, 2021


Could the Light I experienced be the Lord of Adam and Eve, Moses, Abraham, the 12 tribes of Israel, and Noah? Could it be the God of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims? Could it be the God of the Indians, Chinese, and Russians? Could they be all the same energy vibrating in varying levels of frequency?

Could the prophets, oracles, and Messengers of God be the same entities manifesting in diverse vibrational levels? Could it be that Jesus, Elijah, Krishna, as well as their respective God or Goddess, and the Holy Spirit are the same energy manifestations? Could we feel and sense their vibrations and frequencies in the world beyond?

I may have encountered all of them in the same manner that I may have already encountered Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and all those entities and beings dear to Christians. It could even be that the Light in the world beyond is the Light of the Holy Spirit together with all those celestial deities already residing there.

If this is so, and I tend to believe that it was so, then, what was once created and diverse have become One in the Light, which is uncreated, in the same manner that rivers lose their identities once they merge and become One with the Big Ocean.

While on Earth, their followers may have been fighting against each other, it's the latter's obligation to resolve their differences with their respective bosses. And the experience of Sri Parahamsa Yogananda demonstrates that this can be done, even while we're still on Earth.

As mortal beings, we can experience immortality, eternity, omnipresence, since we have the innate faculty to transcend the physical and material as well as the metaphysical and spiritual. We can all do it and experience what Yogananda experienced.

But meeting all these personages could be the least of all concerns when communing with the Light, either directly or vicariously through meditation. And our time is not yet up on Earth. We will be continually challenged by the polarity and division that still surround us. Yet, there is enough evidence for me to accept that I have reconciled my "world beyond" and religion's "world beyond".

Even if it's only 0.000001% second chance of the 5% to be with the world beyond, I'll take that chance.

How about the "world beyond" that science is talking about? Will I be able to reconcile our differing beliefs?

Let me dwell on this in my future post.

A Preview of What is to Come

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – April 1, 2022


“The World Beyond” is my 6th cosmic book now in the process of publication and expected to be released by June 2022. It speaks of a world beyond the eleventh dimension of String and M theories and beyond the realm of the Gods and Goddesses where there’s no Alpha and Omega.


Introduction: Exploring the Depths of Our Being and Becoming

Chapter 1 – A Journey to the World Beyond

Chapter 2 – Was It a Mirage, Dream, Hallucination, or Enlightenment?

Chapter 3 – Religion and the World of the Gods and Goddesses

Chapter 4 – Science Says We Are Floating in an Ocean of Universes

Chapter 5 – The View of Science on Religion and Its Gods and Goddesses

Chapter 6 – In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions: The Cosmic Energy Field Theory

Chapter 7 – We Are Not Alone, But We Live in Only One Cosmos

Chapter 8 – Is There a World Beyond Religion and Science?

Chapter 9 – The World Beyond the World of Science and Religion: The World of Nothingness and Existence

Chapter 10 – Reconciling the Experience of the World Beyond and the World of Religion and Science

Chapter 11 – Does Our Consciousness Journey with Us to the World Beyond?

Epilogue: Vast Oceans of Truth Still Lie Undiscovered Before Me