The Psychic Realm

The Psychic Realm

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – September 29, 2021


The psychic realm is the world of the paranormal where strange and bizarre phenomena happen. Examples of these include:

1. Astral projection, teleportation, mental telepathy, extrasensory perceptions, which NASA scientists have been using to spy other nations;

2. Extrasensory Perception (ESP) through the so-called five clairs in French--clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairgustance, clairtangency--that enable us to see aura or colorful energy field surrounding the human body or any animal or object, to perceive a remote or hidden object, communicate with those in the other dimension, receive messages from our departed ancestors or spirits through automatic writing, perform energy healing, spoon bending, past life reading, reiki healing, divination, etc.

3. Those which quantum physicists termed as channeling, bilocation, astral travel, time travel, quantum invisibility, quantum entanglement, and even re-embodiment or reincarnation.

Conventional science has its natural aloofness with the paranormal because it is beyond our linear and causal experience of time, space, and matter.

The Catholic Church used to view paranormal phenomena with disdain, dismissing these as products of trickery and magic. Many, including priests and nuns, who possessed these bizarre psychic skills were regarded as witches and disciples of Satan. They were in fact punished severely and burned at stake during the Middle Ages.

But psychic phenomena are real and they are happening daily from moment to moment. They are part of our daily life. We will be missing 25% of our life if we continue to ignore them.

That's why I devote considerable amount of time in class awakening the psychic abilities of students by holding psi sessions with psychics, sensitive, and mystics.

The Psychic Realm is Real

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – December 26, 2021


We were doing a session on remote viewing and we're requested by our Facilitator Dr. Noel Santander to take out one item dear to us and pass it around so everybody can hold it in their hands for a few moments while focusing our attention to see what symbol, idea, or form that comes first to our mind, a suggestive statement perhaps to evoke the desired result, but which is also commonly employed in hypnotherapy, psychology, interrogating individuals in the witness stand before a judge and a panel of juries.

I had only my cellphone then and it was the account of Ruby Brion who had this preternatural gift to see what others could not see with their five physical senses that caught my attention most. She narrated how she vividly saw hearts flying out of my cellphone continuously.

After the group exercise, I narrated that the cellphone was given to me by my sister, who was, and still is, the resident Cardiac Radiologist here in Seattle at that time monitoring all the heart patients in the hospital through her Control Room. For those residing outside the hospital and staying in their respective homes, as my mother was back then, they were able to monitor irregular heart and pulse rates over extended period of time. My sister was indeed surrounded by hearts.

The World of Dreams

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – August 22, 2021


Are dreams at night real? I strongly feel it is. In my dreams, I also eat, drink, talk with people, drive my car, swim, or even drive an airplane, even pray and play.

If it isn’t real, what then is this world at night that functions just like the world I live during the day? How is the world of darkness different from the world of light?

Or, are they just part of the same cosmic architecture that ought to be recognized in our day-to-day life? If they are, is this “I” that sleeps and dreams at night the same “I” as the one who is fully awake during the day?

If they are different, who is the “I” who sleeps and dreams at night? How is the world of darkness different from the world of light?

I feel I am living in two separate worlds. There is an “I” living in the world when I am fully awake, while another exists in the world of dreams when I am asleep.

Both worlds give me different pictures of who I am. If this is so, who does the construction,

Tradition lingers on

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – November 1, 2021


Tradition or not, I visited my parents who are now in the higher dimension of life and existence. They happily bade goodbye to us a long time ago. We had happy moments with them. The other one, my sister, had just said goodbye recently.

November is really a good reminder to all of us that the Cosmos we're living in is not just physical. There's life after death and both the living and the dead will remain forever connected with each other for eternity.

It reminds us of who our ancient ancestors were and the kind of legacy they handed down to us that partly made us who we are today.

Paranormal Events

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – November 6, 2021


Talking about paranormal events in the psychic realm, the world of dreams, daydreams, fantasies, and wild imagination as well as the world of ghosts, fairies, dwarves, spirits. A world experienced by some but dismissed and ignored by others. Is it really true and real? What bearings does it have on us, our family, and society. So many answers but still to be resolved. ACA proposes a resolution.

What does Science say about the psychic realm?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – October 17, 2021


Harvard graduate Gary Zukav expressed an observation that “Psychic phenomena have been held in disdain by physicists since the days of Newton.” “In fact,” according to him, “most physicists do not even believe that they exist.”

But unknown to the public, many classical thinkers have their hidden, even dark history by attending and witnessing events happening in the psi realm. The most celebrated cases include that of the couple Marie Currie and Pierre Curie, both recipients of a Nobel Prize, who regularly attended séances conducted by the self-styled medium Eusapia Palladino, an Italian spiritualist who could communicate with the dead.

The other personalities are Sir Alfred Russel Wallace, who teamed up with Sir William Crookes, a Nobel laureate in physics, and shifted his attention to the paranormal world.

To understand the ultimate reality, the founders and giants of quantum physics also went to the study of the world's ancient religious and mystical beliefs, who are known also to immerse in metaphysical and psychic activities.

1. Albert Einstein (Kabbalah);

2. Wolfgang Pauli (Qabbalah);

3. Erwin Schrodinger (Hinduism);

4. Werner Heisenberg (Plato);

5. David Bohm (Krishnamurti);

6. Fred Alan Wolf (Seth);

7. John Hagelin (Maharishi)

8. Nicola Tesla (Swami Vivekananda and Indian Vedas)

Nowadays, in spite of its alleged weirdness, parapsychologists, who have done serious laboratory studies on psi phenomena, concur that the paranormal world is as real as the physical and mental worlds and they form part of the structure of the Cosmos.

How does Religion view the paranormal?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – October 13, 2021


The Catholic Church used to view paranormal phenomena with disdain, dismissing these as products of trickery and magic. Many, including priests and nuns, who possessed these bizarre psychic skills were regarded as witches and disciples of Satan. They were in fact punished severely and burned at stake during the Middle Ages.

But if one comes to think of it, religious believers have really nothing to be hostile against the paranormal realm. The Master and Lord Jesus Himself performed so many healings, even resurrecting deceased persons that are today considered miracles.

And he gave these powers and gifts to his disciples, the saints, and priests who were also performing these same miracles, including the speaking of tongues. In my immersion with the people, I met many of these gifted men and women from all religious affiliations and had been benefitted by their miraculous healing powers.

The psychic realm is not the be-all and end-all of our cosmic exploration

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – October 14, 2021


Mystics time and again have warned us that, while we possess the innate capabilities to fully experience the psychic realm, clinging tenaciously to this realm could derail us away from the very purpose for which the Cosmos has set for us from the very beginning.

We humans are designed for something much higher in our cosmic journey. There is something more in us human beings than just be psychics or mediums, just as there is something in us that is not only physical and mental.

We cannot live our life to the full by just being physically, mentally, and psychically developed. We have to move on to the highest echelon of the spiritual realm.