The Physical Realm

Multi-verse or Uni-verse? What's your take?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.DD. – January 3, 2021


Theories about the universe are primarily propounded by science and religion. The fact that they differ in their interpretations only suggests that there could indeed be so many universes out there.

And these theories are no longer speculations because some of us have already gone to the other realms beyond ours and back, even as those coming from the other world out there have already come down to tell us about what life is all about beyond our world.

The interpretations of both science and religion is providentially parallel. The only difference is in their approach. Religion explains its "world beyond" from the perspective of metaphysics, which, it maintains, is populated by spirits, souls, heaven, hell, purgatory, God, god's, goddesses, and demons, encapsulated in the term "afterlife".

Science explains it's "world beyond" starting from ground zero, i.e., from the perspective of quantum physics, a world governed by time, space, matter, energy, and the four forces of nature (gravity, electromagnetic, weak nuclear, and strong nuclear forces).

But beyond our 4-D world, science says that our Cosmos, according to String theory and its derivative M theory, can still accommodate 11 more dimensions. In fact, astrophysicists and cosmologists even maintain that there could be an infinite number of universes beyond our world.

Stephen Hawking describes our Cosmos as bubbles floating in an ocean of universes, in which case, he says: "We are all time travellers journeying together into the future." The term "us" could be an invitation for Churches, mosques, and temples as well as deists and atheists to join science in its adventure into the world beyond.

I have also introduced in my books the idea that our Cosmos is four-dimensional, consisting of physical, mental, psychical, and Consciousness realms. This four-tiered categorization ingeniously puts the views of science and religion about the"world beyond" in one conceptual model as parts of one integral unit or system.

Could these three interpretations signify that we're living in a multi-verse or uni-verse? Your take now.

There's a shadow lurking in our universe

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – November 28, 2021


Cosmologists and astrophysicists discovered that 25% of the Cosmos is made of mysterious particles known as dark matter and 70% a mysterious form of energy called dark energy. Together, these two dark elements constitute 95% of the entire Cosmos and referred to as "shadow universe".

Shadow universe exists from another dimension, inhabited by shadow people who we sometimes see as a vision or apparition. Shadow people are real. They are extraterrestrial beings or entities, we see usually as ghosts, angels, guardians, or other forms of spirits.

What quantum physicists are saying is that the Cosmos is an ocean of shadow universes appearing like bubbles of different sizes and masses that are able to transcend time and space. They are so subtle that they could be passing through us, with some preferring to remain with us, influencing our thoughts and feelings as well as our dealings with others and society.

The presence of various entities in us could either be uplifting or discouraging, creative or destructive, heavenly or hellish, good or bad depending on whether it's the shadow entities or light beings regulating our life.

Watch out. For you might not be aware who's directing your life.

Celebrating Three Kings. But There Was a Fourth King.

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – January 6, 2021


It's well known. In the Gregorian calendar, we celebrate three kings, most commonly known as Balthazar from Arabia, Melchior from Persia, and Gaspar from India.

But unknown to many, there was a fourth wise man, written by Henry van Dyke, as an addition and expansion of the account of the Biblical Magi. He was a priest from Persia named Artaban who spends his life looking for the child Jesus.

This young Magus brought with him three precious jewels intended for the baby Messiah. But by some twist of misfortune or luck, he missed the caravan of the three wise men.

So he set out on his journey alone, spending enormous amount of money for his provision--buying two donkeys, giving all his water to a heart-attack victim, spending his time taking care of the lepers, the blind, the sick, saving a child's life from Herod's savage soldiers, buying a young lady's freedom.

The journey that could have taken only a few days, extended to months, years, and even his entire lifetime. In the process, Artaban spent much of his remaining wealth and all of his energy helping the poor and unfortunate he met along the way, that towards the end of his life he finally found Jesus at His trial.

But, he had no more gifts to give when Jesus finally appeared to him. Yet, Jesus' response to him was deeply touching and moving.

You may have to watch the entire story in the Youtube to feel how things that we casually read in the holy scriptures can have their jolting and life-changing impact on us as we wade through the little events in our day-to-day life.


Reflections ...

The story of the 4th wise man reminds me of the noble idea that each one of us has our own path to tread. Guided by reason, the events that unfold in our journey, practicality, and always conscious of what we are thinking, feeling, and doing, we take this path, or if there's no path, we construct our own path.

We may be alone, we may always be slow or even late. But we are not competing with others. We may feel sad and angry when things are not the way we expect them to be. But the Lord of the Cosmos, the Guardian of the Galaxy, has its own way and time.

As the Lord spoke to the prophet Isaiah (60:22): "When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen."

From the cosmic perspective, there's never too late. Try listening to this video.

The Star of Bethlehem

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – October 8, 2021

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Over the millennia, the stars have always played a significant role in our life. Our body is composed of materials that were once incubated in the wombs of the stars. Today, we're still physically nourished and kept alive because of the stars. Our sun continues to protect us from harmful cosmic rays and solar radiations that could have disastrous effects on our health and the lives of every living creature. 


This is moreso spiritually. The stars have always been our guide in times of troubles and sorrows. Until now the stars continue to guide and lead people to the place where, in just about nine days, we will celebrate the birth of the King of the Universe. And it is these same stars that enable us to withstand the rigors and vicissitudes we faced in the past, as they are doing today, and will do so tomorrow. We are able to maneuver our way ahead and move on because of our stars. And it is these same stars that are now leading each and every one of us to the eternal heavenly abode where the Father of Jesus, our Father and Lord God Almighty, resides. 


When we feel down and out, tired and weary, bored and lonely, let's try scanning the stars above us at night and enjoy their company. One of those stars could just be your Star of Bethlehem.

Romancing the Star of Bethlehem

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – January 7, 2021


The Star of Bethlehem appears in the nativity story of the Gospel of Matthew. It is considered an astronomical object that guided the wise men or Magi from the East to travel to Jerusalem.

It is a mythical phenomenon that still defies scientific explanation but given life by Christians through the centuries.

We were forewarned that we will see the “Star of Bethlehem” on Dec. 21, 2020, the day when bright planets Jupiter and Saturn aligned themselves perfectly.

Astronomers said the union between these two planets could explain the Star of Bethlehem. I surmise this is just another itinerate planet that happened to pass by our Solar System because of the frequency of its sightings through the ages.

Astronomers and astrologers surmise that the Star of Bethlehem can only be seen once in 10 lifetimes with our naked eyes and that we might be seeing a dead star already. But its glowing light is still with us. So, unwilling to miss it, I mustered all my remaining energies to take a glimpse, this time without my telescope.

But that night, from my vantage point of view, the atmosphere was too cloudy in the particular direction it would appear. It was very dark that even my long range telescope could not have penetrated it.

So, I simply imagined I saw it. Yes, I let my imagination took hold of me freely. Or, maybe I was just dreaming that night but fully awake. I imagined myself rising, travelling towards the direction of the twinkling little Star that, I knew, guided the Three Kings to Bethlehem.

It could be that the child Jesus summoned this particular Star. There are about 100 billion stars in our Milky Way Galaxy alone and outside, there are trillions of other galaxies. The Star of Bethlehem could be an itinerant celestial object without a permanent address who wandered aimlessly in the skies.

Homeless, vagabond, and nowhere to lay down its head, the little Jesus found an instant connection with the Star. He must have summoned the Star to guide the three kings and all the nearby settlers to come to Bethlehem.

In response to the call, the itinerant star came nearer and brightened the skies with its dazzling display of light that, as a result, attracted a lot of star gazers nearby. They already knew about the prophecy of the coming Messiah.

The news travelled fast. For, after all, it was already publicized by King Herod that the child who was rumoured to become the King of the Jews was about to be born. But the people had to travel at night to escape the wrath of King Herod.

Anyway, I became so engrossed in my imagination that I saw this same star extending one of its five fingers to me, as if beckoning me to be with him. Instantly, I was with the Star of Bethlehem, sitting excitedly in one of its fingers.

But from that vantage point of view, I immediately saw the little child Jesus down lying in a manger, extending his hand to me, also beckoning me to be with him.

The infant Jesus must have magnetized a lot of people. I found myself instantaneously with the group of shepherds gathered together in reverence to the newly born babe being offered gifts by the three kings.

Yes, I was imagining things or perhaps dreaming. But that time, it was hard to separate fiction from facts. It seemed that what was once a wild imagination or a dream has become real.

In the excitement to see and almost cuddled the infant, I found myself again back to the Star, eagerly beckoning and directing others below from far-away lands to go and pay homage to the child. There were many who came. Yet, in spite of the Star's shining light, not all came for varied reasons.

In spite of their knowledge, some didn't believe at all about the Messianic child being born to a poor family in an almost unknown town. Others were not expecting that the coming of the Lord was during their time.

Mothers were angry not being able to visit the infant, for their children were in danger too. Fearing the brutal soldiers of King Herod, they fled and went into hiding. It was also at that instant that I saw Joseph and Mary packing their belongings, fleeing for the safety of the child.

My romance with the Star of Bethlehem ended abruptly and found myself listening to the tune of Silent Night beside me and a news of the current events around the world very similar to what was happening during the Nativity.

Yes, I realize I was only letting go of my imagination and dream that night. Perhaps, you might say that I was really dreaming and imagining things. But I tell you I was not alone imagining and dreaming to be romancing the Star of Bethlehem that night.

The entire Christian community across the universe were gathered together with their families also that night commemorating the festive occasion in varying forms of rituals and liturgical services.

If Albert Einstein would have been alive today, I'm certain he will continue acknowledging the important role of imagination in our life:

"Imagination is the language of the soul. Pay attention to your imagination and you will discover all your need to be fulfilled." ~ Albert Einstein

Joseph was in fact also having a vision in a dream from God that what the angel told him about Mary and the child Jesus was true.

Even if we were only imagining and dreaming when celebrating the nativity of our Lord, who would not want to remain in that state of blissful moment for eternity?

This New Year, how I wish people will continue to look at the heavens above to dance with the stars, hoping for some guidance and illumination in these trying times.