The Cosmic Energy Field

Dancing to the Cosmic Tune

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – October 9, 2021


I was dancing alone to the tune of Tennessee Waltz in one dark starry night, while catching "the breeze and the winter chills in colors on the snowy, linen land."

But my friends who could not hear the music thought I was mentally deranged and they refused to dance with me. They won't hear my plea to swing to that celestial melody, beautifully sung by a choir of angelic voices. I feel like the whole world's gone crazy, with people unable to perceive that heavenly tune. They must be insane not to hear it. Or maybe it is just me.

"Now, I understand, what you tried to say to me

How you suffered for your sanity

How you tried to set them free

They would not listen, they're not listening still.

They did not know how.

Perhaps they never will."

But it's better for me to dance alone while the tune I so love to hear is still being played by an invisible Pied Piper, rather than wanting to dance when the tune is no longer there to choreograph my rhythm and will in fact never be intoned again.

My Invisible Guardian

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – July 9, 2021


Here comes the saints, go marching in. If, in the most desperate moments of my life, I experience life-threatening situations, I feel there's always an invisible force sending someone to search and rescue me. This invisible force now forms an essential part of my life journey. Here are some brief snapshots of my brushes with death in the past that are unknown even to many of my closest friends.

My Guardian Angel

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – July 3, 2021


My interest to know the name of my guardian angel crossed my mind only when I was writing about St. Leopold from whom I got my name. For so long a time, I often have had brushes and encounters with my spirit guide and protector. But knowing its name did not come to my attention at all in the past. This time, I want to know eagerly and for good reasons.

My frequent encounters with my spirit guide gave me enough information about its behavior.

1. Naughty in a funny, entertaining, and passionate way. Playfully mischievous, frequently hiding my keys, watches, cell phones, money, wallet, shoes, and other valuable items, only to find them in another location after 3 or more days.

Did I not only unconsciously misplace these items? I must admit that on some occasions, I must have inadvertently misplaced them, especially when my mind was somewhere else.

But in general, no, for they have their own permanent places. All keys, for example, are hang on a rack. So, with all my shoes, clothes, and valuables. And it had already become my habit to place them back in their proper places after using them.

In the manner it behaves, I'm picking up a feminine energy. My guardian angel must be a "she". This is my strong gut-feeling. Maybe, the other reason is that I am a "he" and our Earthly existence requires that we experience life in polarities.

I often see her ethereal form passing before me, but disappearing after a few seconds, only to appear again a number of times during the day, at different times and circumstances.

Sometimes at night, I see its exquisite figure looking over me to ensure I'm safe and sound. I simply smile, give it a wink, say thank you, and go back to sleep, confident that my invisible guard is around. One thing I learned is that it respects my privacy.

Am I afraid? No. Whenever an item disappears, I just smile knowing that it will be back soon.

Do I grumble and grouch knowing the great inconvenience of having lost an item that had been my constant daily companion? No. I have learned to believe that its disappearance must have a reason. And, indeed, most of the time the reason would be revealed to me.

It happened many times in the past. I often saw an individual associated with an image. This extra-normal vision is different from aura reading in which diverse colors surround the individual.

In my experience, the image suddenly appears in my mind. It is closely associated with and related to the individual.

The image must have been attracted to the person or the person's vibration led to the formation of the image that they become closely partnered with each other as one entity. Their strong vibes with each other must have locked them together so tightly that its intensity has caught my radar's frequency.

The image I see could be a symbol or a human entity. But whenever I saw this in the past, I never told the individual(s) concerned. Yet, sometimes I would just find myself blurting it out freely for no reason at all.

Like this one close friend of mine. I simply said "Gee, your guardian angel is a Native American Indian sporting two feathers on the left and right ears. This Indian smokes allot, exhaling clouds of tobacco smokes into the air, always alert of what's going around. Is it your protector?" I asked my friend.

And she blurted, laughing out uncontrollably, narrating about her brushes with her Indian angel. Also, she used to be a smoker as a guest attendant of a very famous resort hotel then.

Our dinner date became much of a conversation about guardian angels, ghosts, and paranormal phenomenon. We were supposed to discuss only about my new commissioned project with her new employer.

My Indian Connection...

Coincidentally, her superior was also an Indian, whom I've worked as a commissioned researcher for quiet a number of projects. That, in turn, led me to an Indian Guru and my long immersion with its Ashram and community that spans for more than 30 years.

Wow, I must be old. Yes, indeed and so is my soul, as my two regressionists told me. My existence, they say, dates back to the time of the Pharaohs. There's really no way for me to verify this, but knowing it helps explain why I am who and what I am today.

And having visited the Cairo pyramid and entering its narrow entrance as well as seeing the lion-human figure across, face-to-face, triggered In me some awesome feelings of power, respect, and prestige.

As a scientist, I am not so trustful of all these unverifiable phenomena. The reason why I've been ignoring this for so long. Yet, at the same time, I can't ignore my strong gut feeling.

My guardian angel must have known something about my Egyptian escapades thousands of years ago but preferred not to give me any information. This is understandable.

Jesus' life and ministry in Nazareth and Jerusalem is just about 400 kilometers from Egypt. He must have known about the pyramids and the Pharaohs. But he preferred not to give any account of this to his apostles and disciples.

Joseph and Mary must have known it too because they hurriedly fled and stayed in Egypt for three days when King Herod's soldiers came looking to slay the infant child Jesus, the future King of the Jews as the three kings told Herod.

Back to the present ...

Yes, "I want to know the name and background of my guardian angel." Could my guardian angel be an Indian too? Although it is always near me 24/7, I'm sending this message out there in the Cosmos.

Cosmic Energy Healing

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – November 4, 2021


In rare cases, healing can take effect instantly by mere laying down of the hands. These are considered either a miracle or luck, depending on one's beliefs.

Under normal circumstances, healing, says quantum physics, can only take effect once the patient is on the same frequency or vibrational level as the Healer. Once the Healer and the patient are entangled with and locked into each other, healing can be instantaneous and it cannot be reversed, unless the patient is a recidivist.

A messenger is chosen as the instrument of healing. He or she can be anybody. But there are individuals who are chosen by the Healer to do healing 24/7. We owe our respect to them. Being the chosen Ones, we owe them our support to sustain their lives too.

In my case, an essential part of showing my honor and respect to them is monetary. This is fine with me. If we pay our family doctors every time we do consultations with them, why not these chosen Ones who also have families to support?

And, during the pandemic, today's doctor's consultation fees have doubled, even more, because of the difficulty to diagnose and prescribe medications without the physical presence of the patient.

Before the global pandemic, I gave my token of appreciation to those gifted with healing power in their clinics, that do not even have a donation box where I could discreetly deposit my contribution. Today, I'm thankful we have the Gcash. I make it a point to give the same amount I'm giving to our family doctor.

But be on the lookout. There are also wolves out there in a sheep's clothing. Even Satan quoted biblical verses to tempt Christ.