Our Multilayered Cosmos

Our Multidimensional Cosmos

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - June 19, 2022


3-D beings normally cannot see 4-D entities. Others may be able to see 4-D beings if the latter allow themselves to be seen. But, as Carl Sagan would say, 3-D beings would see them as ghosts and would thus be scared and frightened. To avoid this unwholesome encounter, 4-D beings would have to appear as 3-D entities in every way and aspect. Take the case of the chimpanzees, for example.


If humans would wish to commune with them, they must think, feel, behave, and live the way chimpanzees do and their families live. Otherwise, if humans surprise them with their unexpected and sudden appearance, the chimpanzees would be scared and would run away, never to be seen again. More courageous primates would even confront humans violently just to protect their turf and families.


We, 4-D species, must become one with with the chimpanzees so that we will be accepted as one of them. If we are able to perfectly fit into their ways, gradually, they would not even notice that we really come from another dimension. This is one concrete way of showing our love and respect with animals.

Ignoring them, as if they don’t exist at all, would be the most abominable and despicable act we can show to them. We could be accountable for this in the future or this could even boomerang on us violently in some dreadful forms.


Similarly, we, 4-D beings, will not normally see those in the 5-D realms. There are rare cases where some individuals are able to see them in a flash, passing by at the corner of their eyes. Others would even experience a strong feeling of some kind of entities behind or around them.

Indeed, as we say time and again, we are not the only ones living in the Cosmos. There are other beings living with us. They are invisible and undetectable to our physical senses. But they are with us, sharing with us the abundance and resources of this world we live in.


They are with us sharing the same time and space we are occupying. They could be everywhere. They could just be beside us or passing through us as we are watching our favorite shows in Netflix. They are generally referred to as spirits or extraterrestrials. They could be living in a dimension higher than us, i.e., 5-D realm, or even higher. Just as we commune with the chimpanzees, 5-D entities would have to be welcome in our world. They must be one with us in all ways. They must look like us, talk like us, eat the food we eat, adapt our ways, and live like us. They must feel the pain and suffering we experience daily and able to empathize with others.


There must not be any physical sign showing that they come from another planet or other dimensions out there, although, at their own risk, they could talk to us about a world beyond our 4-D world. But we, 4-D entities, are simple people. Over the years, we have learned to accept the fact that we will join our ancestors in another world after we cross over to the next dimension, even as we acknowledge the fact that the spirits of our ancestors have always been with us while we’re still physically alive to protect and guide us in life.


Is their a possibility that we come back to Earth after we cross over to the next life?


Religion and science believe so, although told in different ways.

Religion has it that Jesus after having been born here several times on Earth will reincarnate once more in human form, a sort of Second Coming for Catholics. So, will Krishna and the Pharaohs, as narrated to us. Science also has it that Energy (E) is never wasted, but conserved. As matter (m) dissolves its Energy, it will go back to the Cosmos and will manifest again in the form of matter (m).


But these are their stories and teachings, which many also do not subscribe to. So vast is the Cosmos that there is also an equal possibility that the teachings of both religion and science are just part of the many stories that are yet to be unveiled in the process of evolution. There could not be any second coming at all and that there could be a world out there beyond what religion and science would like us to believe. It could be equally likely that after we die, there is no more coming back. We’re merely passers by, pilgrims, or tourists enjoying our journey from moment to moment. There is no reincarnation, no re-embodiment, no rebirth. Once we die, there is no coming back.


But this concept of rebirth or reincarnation is so strong that the bigger picture of the Cosmos has been glossed over, often ignored or even denied.


There are still around 95% of the Cosmos that remains in the dark, awaiting to reveal something that could be more meaningful and relevant to our lives, society, and environment. For after all, these still dark forces control the major bulk and force that keep us all creatures moving. Clinging on stubbornly to what is predominantly believed today would only mean stagnation. Moving on means that we continue ascending the ladder of the cosmic evolutionary process, even if it means stepping into the unknown.


Can we still recognize ourselves as we transform from one sphere to another?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – May 7, 2021


This question was sent to me by Miss Gina Yap.


We need to understand the underlying nature of the world we are living in first. Quantum physics tells us that what we see as matter and energy today constitutes only 5% of the entire Cosmos. The remaining 95% is shrouded in mystery. Since we don’t yet know anything about it, scientists call this dark matter (25%) and dark energy (70%).

If we still don’t know anything about the dark side of the Cosmos, why bother exploring them? "What’s the point of it all?" Let me address the third question first.

That's why some will succumb to the idea that it is easier to live life feeling that everything is meaningless. In that way, life is simple. Too many questions will only complicate matters, especially if these questions will give birth to another series of questions, then another, and so on without end.

One question is enough. At least, I'm answerable to only one question. But, even then, what would be that question, whose answer can make me happy and complete? In your case, for example, reflect on this question for just 5 seconds and answer it, before proceeding.

I would imagine you have not been able to answer the question, given the time allotted to you. Maybe given ample time you can. But how many seconds, hours, days or weeks is considered ample time for us?

Chances are that, even if you're given your allotted time, you still can't answer the question, much less formulate the right question to ask. Just think of students who, for months and years, are still unable to formulate their statement of the problem for their thesis or dissertation. I was one of them.

This is where the relevance and power of introspection and self-reflection come in. For it could open our mind to discover several opportunities for our taking.

If you perchance have arrived at an answer within 5 seconds, perhaps it was because you have figured it out already long before, and was intent of pursuing it. And because of that resolve, you are what or who you are today and what or who you will be tomorrow and in the future.

But this begs another series of questions. Who or what are you today? Can you profile yourself? Can you be certain that you will be the same person in the future?

Can you say, "I am ... so and so.... yesterday, today, and tomorrow?"

Anyway, speaking from our 4-D perspective, it's understandable why one will not bother exploring what is unknown and beyond our visible realm. For after all, this could be the only world we know, the materialist, physicalist, secular world. There’s no such thing as metaphysical, spiritual, or mystical world.

We are all made of atoms and molecules, period. When these elements in us die, so with our brain, mind, thoughts, feelings, and longings. Atheists will go to the extent of declaring that there’s nothing after death. There’s no life after death. There are no spirits, no angels, no God, or gods and goddesses.

So, what’s the point of living? In reality, there's none.

Nature does not care whether we are alive or dead. It does not care whether we are healthy or sickly. It does not care whether we are happy or sad. In fact, Nature is better off when we are vanished from the face of the Earth.

But WHAT IF there is another underlying reality behind the world of atoms and molecules? WHAT IF there is another underlying reality beneath the physical and material?

WHAT IF this underlying reality is the force that causes our physical reality to emerge and appear? And WHAT IF this underlying reality is the true and only reality and that our 4-D world is just a delusion, an illusion? WHAT IF this force is the energy that Albert Einstein tried to describe in his E=mc^2?

Einstein's formula, which has been proven many times in the scientific circles, advances that energy (E) is the beginning, out of which matter (m) emerged. Deep down, we are all energy, from which we all sprung forth. Energy is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.

As a matter of fact, energy has no beginning and end. It has existed yesterday, today, tomorrow and for eternity. It is timeless, spaceless, and nonlocal. It is everywhere and everywhen. WHAT IF this energy is the primal cause of our existence?

What is shocking is that dark matter and dark energy influence 95% of the creation of the Cosmos, from a single point in which all quantum particles were confined in a still relatively small space and expanding wider and wider in a linear fashion as time traveled at the speed of light, while at the same time creating atoms and molecules that in turn give birth to the planets, stars, and galaxies we see today.

What is happening in the cosmic level is also happening at the human level. Around 95% of our thoughts, feelings, aspirations, and behavior as well as our life, lifestyle, and comfort zones are determined more by these dark forces than the world that we see around us.

Yet, we are led to believe that our life is already complete and whole, not realizing that even our beliefs can be wrong, dilusionary, or forced into us by some external factors. And we never bothered to check and verify all this since we had already been conditioned to live in this kind of life even before we came out of our mother’s womb.

So, there you are. We are imprisoned in our own little world while the Cosmos has been expanding at the speed of light until today. We are still stuck in the earlier stages of the birth of the Cosmos, where there was only confusion, chaos, disorder, and violence among subatomic particles.

We have never produced the primal atom that could have established in our society, new and more relevant Institutions, new styles of leadership, politics, and governance as well as new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

The nascent Cosmos mirrors the kind of world we are living in today. We refuse to connect with each other. We never realize that our existence depends on each other.

We have ignored the fact that we are boarding on the same ship and that our life and existence depends on how we will maneuver this ship against hurricanes, tidal waves, and tsunamis so we will arrive home at our destination safe and sound.

We have to do a lot of catching up. This is the reason why there is a point in living because we have barely examined our role and mission in the entire cosmic scheme.

That’s why there is a point of exploring the dark side of our life and existence too. It does not mean, of course, that we don’t know anything about our dark side. In fact, we are getting knowledge, little by little, of the world that we have not been paying attention to.

But we are admonished to look into this dark side of our life and examine ourselves in ways similar to what the Zohari window is trying to teach us.

As we grew and matured, we also expanded our knowledge of ourselves and the world we live in. We have broadened our horizon. We have broadened our way of seeing the world out there and our inner world.

What this dark side within us and in our Cosmos may offer us, we still don’t know. It could lead us to the creation of a new human species that is much bigger and more powerful than what we are today. Or, it could lead us to our own destruction and end, as our past history of civilization showed us.

I’m merely laying down the foundation and standard that form the underlying archetypal design on the basis of which we will define our role, future, and destiny.

I have not answered questions 1 and 2 yet. But if we all agree on this, of which I do, I’ll proceed to answer them based on this proposed perspective tomorrow for lack of space here.

But even if you don’t agree with what I propose, I will still continue my introspection and self-reflection into the dark and the unknown, while I still have the passion to express and manifest them. Because it is on this basis that I have structured my life and my own little world a long time ago.

Again, I had committed many mistakes and suffered because of the so many blunders in my choices of actions in the past, you name it--economic dislocation, mental anguish, depression, and panic attacks. Coming from a higher pedestal level of living, the pain of falling down was almost unbearable.

I had reached bottom that there was no other way but up. Building from the ruins took a lot of my remaining energy and relentless will. See you tomorrow.

The Cosmos We Are Living In is One Integrated Piece

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – May 8, 2021


The nature of reality is that it is structured in spheres, also referred to as layers, dimensions, or realms. Imagine yourself fishing on the deep ocean seas. The world you are in is one sphere.

The world underneath the ocean is another sphere. The fish and other living creatures beneath do not know that there is another realm above the ocean’s surface.

You are living in a 4-D world, as we all are. But there is also a 5th dimension, a sphere higher than our 4-D world. In the 5th dimension, everything is laid down in one continuum.

Below it is the 4th dimension, where 5-D entities see events laid down in an instant. They see the past, present, and future at once. From their vantage point of view, there is no concept of time, space, and matter.

To paraphrase the question of Gina: “If we, 4-D species, are able to go to the 5th dimension, can we still recognize ourselves?"

First of all, let's assume that while on Earth, we know who we are: we are not the brain and mind for they too die with our body. We are not the thoughts, feelings, aspirations for they too die with our body.

Who are we then? Who is this we call “I” or “Self”?

For me, it is Consciousness (with capital “C” to distinguish it with science’s term “consciousness” with small letter, which scientists commonly believe resides in the mind and is dependent on the operations of the mind and the brain for its existence.

I believe that Consciousness is a 5-D entity that enters the 4-D world at a certain evolutionary process when the physical body was ready for it. It is characteristically a spirit or soul since it is not something physical or material. It has no weight, height, size, and dimension.

When Consciousness entered the body, the new species becomes human. We can now say that we humans are an embodied spirit. Each of us consists of a material body and a pure spirit. When our body dies, therefore, we still certainly recognize our own Consciousness.

But this is not always the case. If, during its earthly life, we identify ourself with the brain and the mind, and, like mainstream scientists, believe that our consciousness dies with the mind, then, that's our end. There's no life after death.

Studies on near-death-experiences (NDEs), however, abound, testifying that Consciousness survive even if the patient has already been declared clinically dead. Scientists who experience NDE were even surprised to tell us that there is indeed life after death and that the 5th dimension is very real.

It will be up to the readers, of course, to digest this for themselves. This is not a matter of science or religion. We cannot just leave this matter to them. Our relationship with our Creator is something very personal.

Based on my transcendental experience, I know myself as a 4-dimensional entity with innate faculties and power to be in the 5th dimension of existence, as we all are (try meditation and yoga).

At the same time, I am a five-dimensional entity encased in a four-dimensional body. I am both four-dimensional and five-dimensional. This does not mean that I have two personalities.

It simply means that, as an entity living in this 4-D world, my essence as a human being is that I am both body and spirit. There can be no room for a dichotomy.

I am an embodied spirit. I am a body infused and moved by the spirit. I engulf the spirit even as the spirit envelops me. I always try to be conscious and aware of this every moment of the day. I know I can do this because I am Consciousness.

I am aware that Earth is not my final abode. I'm going back to my original home. It's in the 5th or even higher dimension that I belong, as I believe we all are.

I'm just a traveler, a pilgrim here whose purpose is, to me, to learn what it means to live in a physical body. And I must learn my lessons here, rather than regret it later in the hereafter.

I have only answered the first question. For lack of space, I will respond to the second question tomorrow.

"Will others relate to us in the same way or will new relationships emerge to match our vibrations?"

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – May 9, 2021


There are actually two questions here.

1. Will others relate to us in the same way?

2. Will new relationships emerge to match our vibrations?


My Response:

Will others relate to us in the same way? Yes, in varying vibrational levels.

Since we are composed of body and spirit, then, our energy field extends farther than what we see as our body. This can be seen through Kirlian aura photography. Psychics see this as an emanation of a glowing multicolored light around our body field that extends a few inches or meters away in several layers.

The closer we are physically bonded with our loved ones, the stronger the intensity of our vibration becomes. That's why we can feel the vibration emanating from our parents, siblings, our children, and our spouse stronger than that of our distant relatives, friends, and office mates.

Vibrations surround us in concentric circles and is felt in varying levels of intensity. When we go out and meet people in the streets, our aura and their auras get entangled.

And if we are sensitive enough, we can see and sense their auras before bumping into each other at close range. This is one way of saying that we feel some level of connection with them which might not be as strong as the vibration we felt in our family.

If the people we meet in the street are also sensitive enough, they can also feel some degree of connection with us. This is an instance where at that particular moment, we all feel our connection and relationship with each other.

We have created for ourselves an aura field, closely similar to and resembling the Cosmic Energy Field (CEF) I discussed in my first cosmic book "Our Cosmic Origins" published in 2017.

Again, the kind and intensity of relationship we may experience at that particular moment may be good or bad depending on several emerging circumstances.

If we are sensitive enough, we can detect and feel their vibration through our so-called intuition or gut-feeling. We can feel the kind of vibration emanated by others.

We can distinguish who projects a negative or positive vibration. On this basis, we can also predict the kind of encounter we will have if we approach them at close range.

In this manner, we are able to decide whether to avoid or meet them directly face-to-face. I might speak on this in my future posts.

This is not an issue of trust and mistrust, confidence and suspicion, killing or declaring a truce or ceasefire. There are no moral and ethical implications involved here.

It is just the way what and how Nature tries to give us the opportunity to make us creatures realize our connection and relationship with each other. How we make out of this opportunity is our own doing.

Nature is simply telling us that we are all related and connected with each other. Nature is providing all of us the opportunity to understand its mechanism and algorithm, including the laws and principles that govern the behavior of the entire cosmic landscape.

This is true whether we are in the streets, in the forests, in hills and valleys, in rivers or high seas, in caves, and temples, or whether we are communing with people or not.

And we cannot compel Nature to adjust to us. We are a product of its creation. We are the results of its desire to share its goodness and abundance to us, as well is its intent that we share the same with others for we are all related and connected. But if we are killing each other, then, it's our business.

If we have achieved such a type of psychic development, a portal is opened to us for the possibility of communicating with others who have the same vibrational level as ours.

In many cases, this aura or energy field that we are talking about is able to travel ahead of our physical body and gather information beyond, which would have otherwise not been available to us if we remain imprisoned in our material body.

Information scanned from the distance ahead of us are then relayed back and imprinted on our minds, just as the pilot receive information about the weather, turbulence, temperature at some distance ahead of the plane and recorded on the plane's gadgets in the panel board. Quantum science calls this the “pilot wave,” a mechanism that is also innate in us humans.

I have only answered the first part of the question. For lack of space, I will respond to the second part tomorrow.

Besides, with my cellphone, I can only use one finger when typing my FB posts, the reason why I always do editing even after my articles are posted in my FB.