Infinite Universe: Scientists Suggest Our Universe Has No Beginning (

Vladislav Tchakarov - Posted on October 13, 2021


... the Big Bang could have been just a special moment in the evolution of this always existing universe and not its beginning. Studying this issue, they faced many contradictions that arise when comparing generally accepted theories. It is believed that the nature of the universe is most reliably described by quantum physics and general relativity. At the same time, quantum physics has successfully described three of the four fundamental forces of nature, but the fourth – gravity, from its position, does not fit into the framework.

In the Beginning….

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - March 22, 2022


With so many things drowning our finite minds, let’s recall our beginnings once more when there was yet total silence.

I conceptualize the creation story into seven moments paralleling the seven days of creation account in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

[Lifted from my book “Our Cosmic Origins “ (2017)]


The First Moment

In the beginning, there was nothing.

No space, no time, no matter, no movement.

No laws to regulate behavior and activity.

Only darkness and emptiness prevailed.

There were no forms, no structures.

No diversities, no complexities, no multiplicities.

No separation, no distinction, no differentiation.

Only oneness—the singularity


The Second Moment

Then, the singularity erupted in a fiery explosion.

Quarks, leptons, strings, and primal laws emerged.

Chaos, confusion swarmed in all directions across space and time.

Fledgling creatures annihilating and killing each other.

Then, when the nascent Cosmos cooled down,

Tiny elements of similar frequency and vibration coalesced,

Forming the first neutrons, protons, and electrons.

Giving birth to the first primeval atoms.


The Third Moment

Electrons jumped outside their orbital stations giving off sparks of light.

Darkness gave way to Light.

Hydrogen and helium gas were produced by the primeval atoms,

Forming billions of nebulae, stars and galaxies in the heavens above.

From the microscopic, the macrocosmic realm appeared.

Networks of huge galaxies with billions of light years in diameter emerged.

Circling around each other, to merge or annihilate each other.

Star explosions, or supernovae, occurred spewing out elements that created several solar systems and planets.


The Fourth Moment

Eleven huge cosmic structures appeared in our Solar System.

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

Spinning on their axis in varying directions, they circle the Sun,

Regulated by the laws of gravity, electromagnetism as well as

the strong and nuclear forces.

A twelfth planet mysteriously appeared, discovered due to its strong gravitational effects.

Codenamed Planet X by science and Nibiru

by ancient Sumerian beliefs,

Appearing only in our Solar System every 3,100 years.

Its appearance heralded as significant, having seeded life on Earth.


The Fifth Moment

Air, fire, earth, and water produced by atoms formed the Earth's atmosphere.

Ozone layer as well through the combination of three hydrogen atoms (O3).

A biosphere enveloped the Earth to protect us from cosmic radiation.

All providing the conditions needed for the birth of life.

The first living cells emerged from the depths of the ocean.

Simple bacteria and cells became more complex.

On land, plants, fish, as well as the birds in the skies appeared.

So with all sorts and forms of grasses, plants, herb-yielding seeds, and fruit-bearing trees.


The Sixth Moment

Cataclysmic cosmic events wiped out life-threatening species.

From the primates, the tree of life gave birth to humanity.

According to its image and likeness, Man emerged, both male and female

To serve and populate every continent, planets, and galaxies.

Cross breeding, genetic engineering, cloning, stem-cell therapies were performed.

So with artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, test-tube babies, and Caesarian operations.

Creating the Hominoids, Hominids, Homo Erectus, Homo Sapiens, Homo Technicus, and, finally, Homo sapiens sapiens and Homo Cosmicus.

The Supreme Creator saw that what It created was good, perfect, and beautiful.


The Seventh Moment

The Creator rested to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of creation.

Joining the celebration were all the invisible extraterrestrial beings.

Together with the angels, archangels, cherubim, saints, and our dead ancestors.

All thanking and worshipping the Supreme Guardian of the Galaxies.

Humanity commemorates this seventh moment periodically in the form of rituals.

Sabbath Day, Passover, Holy Week, Ramadan.

Paying respect, homage, and reverence to the Great Lord of the Cosmos.

Exalting and acknowledging Its name and love.



Why the Gods and Goddesses created us and why is there something instead of nothing simply blow my finite mind. It would have been much simpler had there been nothing at all. There would not have been any kind of nuclear weapons, no-one lording over the people, no wars, no Coronavirus, no corruption, no politicians, no political parties, no Gallup surveys.

But why is there something instead of nothing? Your answer is as good as mine.


In the Beginning, there was only Existence. It has always been, 

as it is today, and will always be for all Eternity

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - May 29, 2022


The term “existence” is derived from two Latin words:

1. “essere, which means “to be” and

2. “existere”, meaning to "come into being," from a combination of “ex” ("out") and “essere” ("to take a stand").

In short, existence can be taken to mean having a being and an existence.

And who or what is this entity that is having that being and existence?

At the deepest core of one’s being and existence, there is this entity that we can call as the “Self” (or “I am”). It is this that gives us our identity. It is real since it is the only element that continues to live for eternity.

All the rest are fake identities. But, even then, there are no fake identities since there are no “others” or “things” besides the real Self. Outside the Self, there is nothing.

The Self, or that entity, which identifies who and what we really are, was never born nor created and it will never be born or created. It has lived from eternity and will continue to live for eternity.

This invisible and unseen being that is us is marked by the continuing consciousness and awareness of its presence. It has always been conscious. It is so now, and will always be tomorrow, forever, and so on, ad infinitum.

Consciousness will never dissipate, evaporate, vanish, or die. It will never disappear but will continue to manifest itself. It is absolutely perfect-in-itself.

There is only Existence. The Existence I am referring to is that realm outside of which there is nothing. Not even God, Gods, Goddesses, human beings, and all creatures.

Existence has nothing to do with these creations. These are inventions of humanity, a product of its wild imagination. These are all hallucinations and holographic interpretations of the human mind’s fancies and fantasies.