Our Cosmos

I am Just a Tiny Speck in the Vastness of the Cosmos, But I Reflect the Entire Cosmos

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – August 6, 2021


I am one individual out of the more than 7.8 billion embodied spirits, living in a Solar System that is the tinniest spec in the more than 300 billion stars and planets in our Milky Way Galaxy. Yet, our galaxy is only one out of the 200 or more trillion galaxies, that in turn revolve around infinite clusters of galaxies in the entire Cosmos.

The Cosmos is in-itself inexhaustible, boundless, timeless, infinite, and eternal. To imagine that alone is mind-blowing and counting them mind-staggering. Yet, this is also who we are. Tiny as we are, we are all that is made of us, but able to grow and be as powerful as our visible universe.


Yes, we're all that is made, yet everything in the Cosmos is in us. Yes, we're all that is made, yet we can become so big that we can engulf the Cosmos and be as powerful as the Cosmos. Yes, we're all that is made, so little yet so big.

We share this creative power through a woman that can bear a child that carries all the faculties, power, and genes of its predecessors and who has the potential to become as big, even bigger, than its parents.

Marvel as we can, we are a gift and we are sharing this gift as legacy to our children and future generations.


The parable of the mustard seed comes to my mind (Matthew 13:32-33, Mark 4:30–32, and Luke13:18–19).

"The Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field; which indeed is smaller than all seeds but when it is grown, it is greater than the herbs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in its branches."


But where and how can I find you, my friend, in this vast universe of ours? Can you tell me where you are in the entire cosmic evolutionary scheme? How can I be assured that it's you who is talking to me and not somebody masked with all kinds of identity?

If you do not wish to be found, can you at least tell me what can make you visible and accessible to me? What must I do to know and embrace you?

This is a lamentation of somebody who does not need an answer anyway. For I will find you. With my spiritual GPS and drones, I guarantee you that. And when I find you, it's you who will be longing to find and know me.

Our Beleaguered Mother Earth

Paul J. Dejillas - July 24, 2022


Let’s continue exploring the hidden and still unknown side of our Cosmos. Our Mother Earth has already been saddled with so many problems over the past few years that she may no longer be able to nourish and sustain us any longer, all because also of our own doing.

Unless we behave ourselves, our only alternative is to start packing up and buy a one-way ticket to Mars. Science has been frenziedly working overtime preparing to bring humanity (at least, those able and willing) to Mars and beyond.

Scientists are confident this will be realized within a 100 years. But in the meantime, let’s behave.

It's now time to build a New Earth

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – August 9, 2021


But who will build and construct it for us? Europe and America are getting more serious and aggressive in building their respective world with one vision, mission, goal, government and with one leader, one religion, one culture, one economy, one banking system, one currency, one people, one education, one mass media, one army, etc.

In the East, China, Russia, and India are leading the race while the rest like South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh are still on the defensive mode against the intrusion of these colonizers on their territories.

The Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula are not yet active in gaining global power, as they're still enmeshed in their own respective internal and intranational squabbles. Africa is already under the stronghold of China.

But the kind of New Earth they're herding us to live is violent, not conducive to living in peace and harmony. As Immanuel Kant, in his "Toward Perpetual Peace", said:

"The natural state of men is not peaceful co-existence but war - not always open hostilities, but at least an unceasing threat of war".

Somebody has to spell out the people's concept of a New World that includes the entire human race. We can no longer remain in the passive and fatalistic modes. It's our future and that of our children that are at stake.

But who will do this for us? Sadly, nobody but us. Yet, is it possible for us as a people to unite considering the fact that we are very much divided in our vision, beliefs, and political affiliation?

The question is simple but the answer is quite complex and not clear. How I wish we can have a simple answer to a very complex question.