Dr Amit Goswami – ‘Consciousness, Quantum Physics and Being Human’

05/11/2013 16:58

nterview by Iain McNay

Iain:  Hello and welcome once more to Conscious TV.  I’m Iain McNay and my guest today is Dr Amit Goswami.  Hello Amit.

Amit:  Hi

Iain:  Amit has written many books.  He is a Quantum Physicist and he basically has done a lot of work in bringing Science and Consciousness together, which I have personally found very interesting and very important as well.  I have read four of his books, which I have here.  He has written about eight or nine books all together.  There is [showing books to viewers] “God is not dead”, there is “How Quantum Activism Can Save Civilization” - I am going to feature this a bit at the end of the interview. “The Quantum Doctor”. “The visionary window – a Quantum Physicist’s guide to enlightenment” - we [also] talk about this to some extent and he also has a DVD out called “The Quantum activist”. So Amit, I’ll put these down [places books on floor].  Just let’s run through, a little bit from your side, of how you got from being a normal scientist to include the element of consciousness, which is still, unfortunately, quite rare in science. [Read more] ...