Extraterrestrial Life

Are We Alone in the Entire Cosmos?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – January 7, 2001


Our Milky Way galaxy contains more than 50 billions of Earth-like planets, not counting the number of planets existing in billion trillion habitable planets (80^18) in the early Cosmos. And many more are emerging daily.

If we we're the only inhabitants, we can exclaim with Carl Sagan: "What a waste of time, space, and resources." It is safe to assume that there are aliens and alien life out there. We are not alone in the entire cosmic landscape. We are not special. There are alien life out there that appeared even billions of years ahead of us, with much advanced intelligence, technology, and civilization.

It's more terrifying to imagine if there are no alien life out there. For what is something special in us that we are selected to be the only species inhabiting this vast Cosmos? Imagine the great responsibility placed on us to keep not only this planet Earth clean, safe, and peaceful, but also those trillions of planets out there! And we are not doing it! Instead, we are fighting against each other for power, prestige, and wealth.

Science explores alien life in order to populate the many worlds out there. That's why its preparing for our eventual interplanetary and intergalactic travel to inhabit those planets beyond our Solar System, in fulfillment perhaps to God's admonition in the Bible to go, multiply, and populate the universe.

Our galaxy alone is estimated to house millions of these habitable planets, many of which lie near our Solar System. Our exploration into space and time have been successful and productive. We have already identified hundreds of life-sustaining planets out there similar to ours. Our efforts were not wasted.

Nevertheless, we have barely started. It may take hundreds or thousands of years before we can finally seed our life on other planets. Through thorough research and study, we can do it already with plants and one-celled bacteria. It will take another thousands of years of experimentation to study how this simple life-giving species can survive and sustain their lives for hundreds and thousands of years.

It would take another millions of years before we can finally inhabit these planets in our present form, as what happened to our planet Earth 3.7 billion years ago. There is a way to fast track all of these. We have sent ahead of us humanoids or humanized robots able to survive space in extreme conditions. Through the information and messages they relay back to us, we can be more prepared and equipped before we finally settle ourselves out there.

All these efforts to populate other planets is not without any noble reasons. Our planet Earth is nearing its final extinction. Sooner or latter, our Sun will either explode in a fiery big bang or freeze.All living species may be scorched and suffocated by poison gases and toxic atmosphere. Even before it happens, humanity, with all its footprints, has long been gone. Solar explosion or supernova is a natural phenomenon. It has been happening trillions of times in the past. It is happening today and will continue to happen in the future.

Humanity has to continue to exist uninterrupted. As a preparation, we will have to look inside ourselves and examine the things we will carry with us and things we will leave behind, given the lessons we have learned on this planet Earth.

Shall we stick to our dogmatic beliefs that have caused us so much troubles and violence and continue to preach our religion out there? Shall we carry our political badges to continue fighting each other, killing one another during electoral races? How do we filter ourselves so that the world we expect to inhabit out there is better, even much better than we can possibly imagine?

This is a fight between good and evil, which is necessary for us on Earth to learn our lessons. But I believe the place out there where we are destined to live is free from polarities and dualities, unless we have not learned our lessons and choose to regress and go down to a planet where pains and sufferings are more acute and intense. This is part of our vast cosmic wilderness.

These are just some of my thoughts intended to tickle our minds and scratch our backs. But they are absolutely necessary since they concern our future. They concern knowing ourselves and experiencing who we really are and who we might become. And the answer is out there in distant space and time.

 “The Alien Who from Other Planet Came"

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – August 11, 2021


The Alien returned to Earth for an update. He was dismayed by the progress of the human species. He found out that from its origins as primates and chimpanzees, the Homo Sapiens is in fact retrogressing. He reported this to his people in Pleiades and a decision was made. It has to be enforced.

The Pleiades star cluster contains hundreds of stars, of which only a handful are commonly visible to the unaided eye, bound by gravity and looking like a tiny misty dipper of stars. It is considered as a distinct constellation.

The stars in the Pleiades are thought to have formed together around 100 million years ago. After a decade's worth of interferometric measurements, the NASA team found that the star cluster is between 434 and 446 light years from Earth.

In one of the stars in Pleiades, live the aliens who had been monitoring Planet Earth.



The Alien in charge of monitoring Planet Earth just came back and now the Pleiadeans convened to examine their subsequent actions. In particular, they wanted to discuss whether they have to intervene or not and, if intervention is warranted, the kind of intervention that would be applied.

It was a round-table discussion of the Council of Elders comprised of 13 members, code-named as Entity A to Entity R. There is no facilitator and no leader; they don't communicate in words but in a medium, we humans, call telepathy (mind, intuition) and empathy (heart, gut-feeling).

They don't even have to convene in a group session and appear in physical form. This is too inconvenient for them. Their very being or essence, which is energy and vibration, is enough.

What is distinctly unique in their discussion is that views are given in statement forms, not in the form of questions. In their long years of experience, they realize that questions only breed more questions and endless debates and discussions, at the great risk of arriving no decisions and actions at all.


Entity A: “There is no more need for another visit. All religions and governments had already been forewarned thousands, even millions, of years ago. Christians, for example, were already alerted during the time of Abraham (12,000 years B.C.) of what will happen to them if they do not heed to their God’s commands.”

Entity B: “That was too long ago. Humans easily forget. They have very short memories. They may have to be reminded.”

Entity C: “This is the reason why Jesus Christ himself (2,000 years ago) reminded the entire humanity, through his disciples, when they were all gathered together in the Mount of Olives.”

Entity D: "Jesus referred them back to the time of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, to whom God spoke through the King’s dream (Matthew 24:15).

Entity E: “The dream was too symbolic and quite complicated to comprehend by the human’s ordinary minds. But God sent the prophet Daniel to interpret the King’s dreams.”

Entity F: “The people believe that the wrath of their God can be quick and devastating, as what happened during the time of Abraham, when the people of Sodom and Gomora, except Lot and his family, were wiped out by a cloud of smoke coming from the heavens above."

Entity G: "Another catastrophic intervention came during the time of the Great Flood, when all humanity, except Noah’s family, were wiped out.”

Entity H: “These events were every now and then brought out in the New Testament and in the writings of Jesus’ disciples. They even appear in the Qur’an.”

Entity I: “If the human species were already well forewarned, then, there’s no use of forewarning them again. We can intervene. The only issue that remains is the kind of intervention to be applied and when.”


Entity J: “Let’s destroy Planet Earth. But before this comes, let’s give the human species enough time to realize and amend for their misdeeds and disobedience. Then, let’s go back to Earth and declare our judgment.”

Entity K: “Indeed, the prophet Daniel already predicted that humanity cannot save themselves. Their only hope of salvation is the mercy of God, which they believe will happen during the second coming. Let's do the execution of our judgment after.”

Entity L: “Their science also predicted that humanity on Planet Earth is doomed. All will disappear, even their Earth. Their scientists do not believe in the second coming. Instead, for the past 100 years, they have been preparing for humanity’s transfer into other planets out there in space.”

Entity M: “We allow them that possibility for their survival as a species. In the meantime, let’s help them acquire our knowledge and skills in science and technology—stem cell therapy, cloning, teleportation, telepathy, astral projection, DNA preservation, building their intergalactic and interstellar spaceships... bigger and more spectacular than Noah's Ark. If they have to be brought here to learn from us, then, let it be.”

Entity N: “This should not be a problem. This was how their prophet Elijah learned everything there is to know about the Cosmos, about the heavens above them, about mathematics, about our science and technology. They had their Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Max Planck as well as Gandhi, and Mother Teresa.”

Entity P: "Some of us can go there and teach them ourselves everything we know."

Entity Q: "The entire human race had all been forewarned and were given ample time to straighten themselves."

Entity R: “Let us adjourn this session.”



The meeting was short, less than 20 minutes in terms of earthly time. But it was binding and executory. There was no need of publishing it in the Official Gazette. There was no need of a first, second, and third reading. There was no veto power.

There were no upper and lower houses; no bicameral bodies. There was no need to inform the mainstream and social media; no need of media conferences and coverages as well as public hearings.

There was even no need to consult the God, gods, and goddesses of all the Earth's religions. The people had all been forewarned. There are no more excuses this time.


Prepare all ye people. There's still enough time for us to change and redirect the course of our history. Let's save and preserve our only home. Greening the Planet Earth is the most worthwhile endeavor while waiting for the elusive cure of COVID-19 and the promised second coming.

It can effectively address extreme climate changes, lessen the impact of soil erosion, flooding, food shortage, unemployment, diseases, poaching, excessive hunting, deforestation, and unwarranted mining.

Let's do this voluntarily at the individual, family, and village levels without the permission and assistance of our political leaders. People's initiative is the cry of the millennia. Greening the Planet is the only sure way we can reduce our carbon footprints.

I am an Extraterrestrial Being

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – August 25, 2021


Let's make full use of our imagination. Let's imagine we are the extraterrestrial entities and beings that populate the entire fabric of space and time out there in the galaxies.

This is just what I did and this was what I got.

1. We are always roaming around the galaxies and the heavens above, hopping from one planet to another to ensure the safety and security of all its populace. I'm the captain of our Mothership alone in the meantime, with a dozen crews each with their respective little ships roving across the universe.

2. All is quiet, peaceful, and calm for the moment. I have all the time to have a little leisurely chat with my crews in Spaceships A and B.

3. The word 'chat' can be a little misleading, especially for the human species. For we don't communicate in words or hand gestures. In the first place, we don't have mouths or hands. We don't have a face or the body of a human being. We only take a physical form when required to appear, especially before humans.

4. We are pure energy, transmitting our thoughts in the form of electromagnetic waves and detected by others in varying levels of frequency and variation, depending on their level of ascent in the entire cosmic evolutionary process.

5. In truth, we are essentially just like them, people who are populating this vast universe seeking to ascend to a higher dimension of existence.

6. Because of our ability and power to defy the physical law of gravity, time, and space, others would even regard us as God, gods, or goddesses. We are even immortalized in many of their sacred scriptures, calling us giants, Lords, or angels. This is understandable because to them, we are superhumans that can do wonders and miracles beyond what they can even possibly imagine.

7. Our fast-moving spaceships that can maneuver in any direction in an instant as well as appear and disappear and travel faster than the speed of light are even described as 'chariots of the gods'. This is possible because they are powered by enormous amount of energy that allow intergalactic journeys. Once energy is consumed we can always refuel from the energy of the Sun or even galaxy.

8. With all these tremendous powers and resources, we are worshipped by humans in their temples and churches, molding statues of our images, always giving us offerings, which are made more dramatic and colorful by their elaborate costumes, songs, dances, and rituals.

Chillax, folks. Relaxation is good for our body, mind, and spirit. Let's not be too serious in life. The pandemic will end just as darkness will give way to light. Let's not cling to our shadows.