Life Goes On With or Without You

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - November 5, 2020


Life goes on whether we like it or not. We have to move on with it. For when darkness catches us up, we will be thrown into a fiery pit where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. So, let's move on as fast as the stream of the present moment flows, without looking back to our past or forward to the future. Life can only be lived in the present.

Journey Through Life

Paul J. Dejillas - May 6, 2021


Journeying alone along a path seldom traveled is always better if only to avoid any distraction and obstruction that could slow down progress. Getting rid of hindrances becomes an inevitable necessity. There’s so much to see “out there” that remains to be known.

Life is a continuing ascent from the physical to the mental and Consciousness realms

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - April 22, 2022


But living in a four-dimensional world of space-time makes it difficult for us human beings to stay permanently at the highest realm.

We always fall back again and again to take care of our physical and mental needs that seem to outweigh us over time.

But it is not so much the ascent that matters as our ability to apply what we have learned at the Consciousness realm.

When we allow our Consciousness to influence our thoughts, emotions, and our dealings with others and our environment, then, there’s a great chance that our country will be much better off than what we are experiencing today.

For Consciousness has no religion, no political parties, no ideology, no platform of government, no race, no gender, no age, no nationality, no color, no caste system.

As a synthesizing element, Consciousness is far different from Karl Marx’s dialectical materialism. First of all, until now Marx’s synthesis remains illusory and it will never be achieved. For if it’s applied to sociology and political science, it means killing the landlord by the proletariat to give rise to a new class.

Second of all, history has borne witness to the fact that this Marxian type of dialectics has miserably failed. Attempts to revive and resurrect it always fail. It’s becoming an endangered species.

(3411) Did Life on Earth Come from Space? - YouTube

How did life on Earth get started? Did life on Earth originate on another planet? Either Mars, or in a distant solar system? Could Earth life have spread to have seeded life elsewhere? Let’s see what modern science has to say about the plausibility of panspermia.

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