The Ego and the Self

Ego and the Self

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - August 3, 2022


The term Ego comes from Latin and Greek root words meaning “I” or Self. It is that being that gives identity to the person. But over the millennia, its meaning has diversified and has become complex as well as confounding depending on the one interpreting it. There are two ways by which we can shape or construct our Ego or Self, i.e., from within, from without, or even from a combination of both. The most important thing is that we are the ones freely defining our own identity, not others, not the external circumstances, and not the unconscious and biologically driven ego.

Personal Construct Theory and The Ego Theory

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - August 1, 2022


George Kelly’s Personal Construct Theory states that we are not pushed into action by environmental or unconscious actions. What a noble theory indeed. But, sadly, in reality we construct and build our personality most of the time unconsciously, and based mainly on what is happening around us. Psychologists call this The Ego Theory.

If I do Buddhist yoga and practice some of its teachings, will that make me a Buddhist? 

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. 


If I attend and participate in the rituals performed by Hindus in their Ashrams, will that make me a Hindu?

In like manner, when I attend and participate in the liturgical services of the Jews, will it make me a Jew? If I participate in the prayers and recollections of Islam, will that make me a Muslim.

Above all, when I attend the Holy Eucharist and receive holy communion, will that make me a Catholic?

On the other hand, if I go beyond all religious beliefs, will I become an atheist or agnostic? Or will that act of transcendence make me abandon all religious beliefs and simply become an omniest?

Or, when I commune with Nature, the moons, planets, stars, and galaxies, will that make me a Pantheist or Panentheist?

Just asking questions.

Anyway, whatever judgement you will render on me, I have participated in all of the rituals and imbibed many of the above teachings and beliefs.

Can we change our form and face?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – June 4, 2021


Can we make ourselves look much younger or older?

The Bible says yes. Mark (16:12) narrates that Jesus appeared in different forms. Luke (24:16) tells us that the disciples could not identify him.

Jesus transformed his physical appearance. He changed his face that became unrecognizable to them and even appeared as an elderly person (John 21:4,12).

He could enter a locked room, pass through walls, slip away from the crowd, and escape from people. He was transfigured where he appeared alongside Moses (Mark 16:12) .

The Romans had to seek the help of Judas because the people in that city were not familiar with Jesus, and the Roman soldiers were definitely not aware of what he looked like. All they knew was that someone named Jesus was a troublemaker and it was their job to arrest him.

Mary Magdalene saw Jesus first after the resurrection, but failed to recognize him (John 20:14).

Can we also shift our forms and faces like Jesus? Can we appear to look much younger or older, and indistinguishable as man or woman, or even sport non-human forms?

The bible tells us that there are heavenly bodies and earthly bodies and that Jesus must have appeared to his apostles and disciples in his celestial body (1 Corinthians 15:40).

But what does science have to say about this? Can this happen in the real world? If so, how does it explain this phenomenon?

In the quantum world, new physics teaches us that everything is energy that can manifest itself to us in two different ways, namely, as a mass or solid particle or in its original nature as energy, which is massless since it has no weight, no size, no height. It is also spaceless and even timeless.

Unlike a solid particle, energy is not encumbered by the materiality and solidity of our 4-D world. It occupies the 99.999999% space of the entire quantum world.

Unlike a solid particle which is finite, measurable, and mortal, energy is infinite, non-measurable, and immortal. This could as well be the heavenly body of Jesus that appeared to his apostles and disciples and even when he just vanished amidst the crowd.

Max Planck, the founder of quantum physics, says that what is happening in the quantum world can also happen at our level. This means that we can also change our form and faces and appear much younger or older and even genderless.

And indeed, this has already been proven to be true in the experiences of sages, saints, meditators, and yogis. This human ability to learn and experience the art and science of shape shifting is something that many of us are not aware of, much less tried to actualize in our day-to-day life for various reasons.

This is one opportunity that the pandemic must have offered explore new worlds, new horizons, new possibilities, new things, new events that can offer us the chance to become new and much bigger than what we are today.

What's in a Name!

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – June 30, 2021


I was named after Saint Leopold Mandić, O.F.M. Cap. (12 May 1866 - 30 July 1942), a Croatian Capuchin friar and Catholic priest, who suffered from disabilities that plagued his speech. I remember I was dining with Fr. Alphonse Mildner, SVD, celebrating my feast day, May 12, on two occasions. But today it's St. Leopold's death anniversary.

But, all through my life, I was entangled in the successes and failures of the legendary Actor Leopoldo Salcedo both in his cinematic and real life.

Without realizing it, I was diverted away from St. Leopold's spiritual legacy to me. Yet, an occasion was opened to me to redeem myself.

I instantly remember, as I compose this post, that the Branzuela family gave me a nicely 1997-framed gift on my birthday containing a description of who and what I am. I did not even remember what its content was.

Finding this thing in my messy files took me a week's time. Anyway, reading it after nearly three decades, is like recalling the event in the Garden of Eden when the Lord scolded the couple for eating the apple. But this is already water under the bridge.

Nevertheless, I am sending my gratitude to the Branzuela family Ramon Branzuela (, Tita Evasco-Branzuela, Chrismon Branzuela , and Triwynn Branzuela

On the photos below is my very strict disciplinarian Papa who wanted his children to be always together. On the last minute, he released me from his clutches all in the name of education. He's a believer of excellent, world-class education too.

Don't worry, Pa. I'm back to fulfill your mission for your kids to be always together, in health and in pain, including quarrels and occasional attitudinal flare-ups (tampuhan), as well as in joy and suffering, in heartaches and headaches. But, as they say, blood is thicker than water.

"I am" the Self, which is Consciousness and I want to be remembered while on Earth as Leopoldo J. Dejillas, Jr., the eldest son of a very strict disciplinarian, and a reincarnation of St. Leopold.