Our Search for Meaning

Our Reason for Meaning

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – May 5, 2021


It's easy to live life feeling that everything is meaningless but harder it is to live life feeling that there's a deeper meaning and purpose to our life. Yes, I know each of us has our own unique reason for living. It's only a matter of discovering what it is and living it every moment of the day. But it's good to be reminded of this always because our life's meaning & purpose changes with time and conditions.

In a Continuing Search for Meaning

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – May 6, 2021


Yes, our meaning and purpose in life change with time and condition. In my case, I was once in the labor sector, spending time in education, research, negotiations, and traveling. After a while, it lost its meaning and purpose.

Let me speak for myself and of my experience. For it would be presumptuous for me to speak in terms of “we” since I cannot boldly assume, without being cockeyed or foolish, that what is happening to me is also happening to others.

This is my "I account", the phenomenology of science, the phenomenology of empirical and experiential testing and continuous verification, which I found comparable and in resonance with ASI's science of phenomenology.

So, to continue.....

I had to move out and engage in politics, and then in business, and so on throughout the course of my life. Times and conditions then called for it. I had said: “Enough is enough” many times. I had my failures and errors but I learned my lessons in the past, as I am still learning now. This makes me what I intend to be, although not so close enough yet.

Even my field of discipline changed over time. Economics—Keynes, Friedman, Walras, von Mises, Marshall, Stiglitz—became irrelevant and I had to shift to the Social Sciences. Not contented yet, I had to transfer to Applied Cosmic Anthropology.

Talking about something from my new disciplinary perspective does not invalidate my former disciplines I dearly clinged to in the past. They're still valid but from my new perspective now, they have become meaningless and irrelevant to my present life. For time and conditions have changed.

I must admit I am still happy being an ACA. But there’s still this feeling of discontent. Something is still missing for me to be whole and complete. As a searcher, I’m on that quest right now but the problem is, I still don’t know what it is.

I'm more impressed by my ignorance than the knowledge I chronicled in my five cosmic books. And it is this same ignorance that is always pushing me to the limits of my cognitive abilities and to explore what is it out there that I still don’t know.

But my curiosity of the beyond and the unknown brings out something in me, out of which emerges a strong force that keeps on pushing me to go on and move forward.

Am I not escaping reality in the guise of moving to another realm? Yes, there are so many things that confuse and cripple me today, so many things I don't understand, especially politics. I don't understand my leaders, my neighbors, my friends, and my enemies.

Along with it, I don't understand myself. Who or what am I? What's my role in all that's happening around me today? What is my future?

Indeed, I don't understand my big world. But this does not hinder me from understanding it even if it means going beyond the world of physics, causality, and logic.

Even in my personal beliefs. There’s that strong intuitive feeling in me to go beyond religion in search of a bigger meaning and purpose.

This is why I love quantum physics. Newtonian physics is fixed and static. Einstein’s relativity theory is not passive but dynamic, always on the go even for someone, like me, who still does not know what, but certain that something lies beyond the physical horizon.

Quantum physics nailed them all. It's giving me a new world that's alive and full of energy. Classical Physics + General Relativity = Quantum Physics, as science would say.

But I have also passed this stage a long time ago already. I have to move on in search of a bigger meaning and purpose in life. I still don’t know what and how. But the why in me is intense.

Scientists can create any particular particle that can interact with me by smashing other particles together with so much force, as is being done in Switzerland’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC). What they found was the Higgs boson, which is a hundred times heavier than a proton, and once dubbed as the God particle.

What is fascinating about quantum physics is that what is happening in the quantum world can also happen in the macro world and at the human level.

Is it possible then that what I might find is a hundred times bigger and more powerful than somebody who weighs 65 pounds like me?

Yes, because we have all the ingredients and the faculty to do this. But this suggests that I must not have too many atoms and molecules in my body. Or, if have too much of them, I must be able to manage and control them, so I could travel light, so to speak.

This is because the Higgs boson in me disappears in a split of a second to nowhere, just as it appears suddenly out of nowhere. It comes from a five-vibrational realm and goes to an even much higher dimension.

But I still have to look for my counterpart Higgs boson. Right now, I still don't know how. But I'm still very much alive and have plenty of time looking for it.