Our Future

Our future is somewhere out there, a place that can be reached within ourselves only

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – July 28, 2021


Nikola Tesla once said that he has not yet penetrated into the core of the universe, but knows that it exists. Because being finite, we can only know and understand 5% percent of it, the remaining 95% still being unexplored.

And, as Albert Einstein and Carl Sagan assured us, there's something out there that awaits us that could make us bigger and more powerful. And no religious beliefs can stop us from this search for ultimate knowledge.

In my research, I discovered that the world is not only physical, mental, psychical, but also spiritual. Call this spirit world by any labels you want. I call this Consciousness, which is our true Self. It's mystical and divine. This is my proposed four-dimensional Cosmos which go beyond the Theory of Everything, Grand Unified Theory, and the M Theory of quantum physics.

I named this the Cosmic Energy Field Theory which incorporates the classical Newtonian, Relativistic, Quantum Mechanics , and Unified Field theories of contemporary science.



Nikola Tesla noted that: "My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”

Albert Einstein expressed a similar view: "Nature shows us only the tail of the lion. But I have no doubt that the lion belongs with it even if he cannot reveal himself all at once because of his huge dimension."

Carl Sagan added that: "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."


From our time perspective, there's no end in our search for the truth. But I am not joining in a race and the path I'm treading on is not a racetrack. A race suggests competition, it suggests winning a price, it implies a destination. I cannot imagine myself working just to win a Nobel laureate.

Like an ordinary farmer, I no longer expect the fruits of my labor, leaving it entirely to the elements of Nature to finish the job and bear the fruits for me.

I have done my part of tilling it, freeing it from impending pest attacks, fertilizing it, selecting the best and most robust seeds, even putting up scarecrows to protect my crops. Now, I can do nothing anymore.


I'm not troubled by what St. Paul means when he said: "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith" (2 Timothy 4:7). He must have some underlying motivations in mind, which do not resonate with my views. This is understandable because time and conditions have greatly changed today.

In the meantime, I'm just enjoying my moments. This makes life for me simple. I don't complain and hold grudges with Nature if my field is inundated with water, ravaged by fire, swarmed with pests, and bombarded with toxic elements.


This point of view has become the guide of my life and lifestyle. Each of us has our own guide in life but many of us, I suppose, have not expressed it clearly yet in words. As the New Testament suggests, this invisible guide must be spoken in words and languages in order to realize it in our thoughts, in our feelings, in our dealings with each other, and in our surroundings.

I'm always inspired knowing the norms and experiences of others' life who are alive today, more than those of our ancient elders because their time and conditions were different. Here lies the importance of telling our stories. In the New Testament, when the word was spoken, the Light emerged to dispel the dark paths trodden by others.

Let our light shine upon men and women. For not doing so means we are in darkness, we are darkness, the dark energy and matter (95%) that quantum physics is talking about. We could be the dark and evil forces that prevent the light from shining bright.

In the end, I suspect that our journey into the still unknown part of the Cosmos may reveal more about ourselves, about our dark and hidden secrets, than what we will eventually discover out there.

Travel We Must!

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – August 7, 2021


Speaking of local travel ... Local travel gives us the opportunity to know more about our culture, tradition, customs, indigenous beliefs, and about ourselves. We will know how far or close we are to our people and the extent to which we are influenced by foreign culture and behavior.

You will be surprised how diverse is our way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Many times, this diversity created conflicts and dysfunctions in the past. As a result, we often experienced tensions and imbalances that distorted our image and identity of who we really are.


Let's try to be always conscious of ourselves. Which is dominant in us? The local or foreign elements? The East or the West? The South or the North?

If our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour are already harmonized and balanced, then, we're blessed. But what I know is that only saints, mystics, yogis, sufis have this state of life and existence. They worked for it hard and relentlessly.


For neophytes like us, we still have to undergo a long and tedious trial-and-error process until we learn our lessons and be able to balance our thoughts and behavior.

One way of doing this is to immerse ourselves more often into the life of our people, if we feel we're too Westernized or Easternized. Talk and listen to them. Live with them, if only for a few hours. Observe and discover their ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.


Let their ways, beliefs, and customs seep into our ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Let's give space to our people's lifestyle inside our little world, because they are who we really are.

Know that local travel is not only for pleasure, comfort, and enjoyment. From a holistic point of view, it's also intended to know and learn from our people. The incumbrances, pain, and suffering we encounter as a result of our immersion into their lives and lifestyle as well as their ways of thinking and behaving ought to be an essential part of the learning process.


Both pleasure and pain we encounter along the way can give us inspiring lessons to learn. They are an essential part of travel. The experience can also be humbling. But there's no use for grumbling and complaining. We can learn and enjoy from this demeaning experience just the same.

Don't underestimate the beauty and benefits of local travel. It's as enjoyable as traveling abroad. In fact, it could be an advantage to know yourself first by learning your own culture and tradition so you will learn to compare yourself with other weird and strange people abroad.


Get out of your little world whenever possible. Enjoy knowing your people. Visit them. Chronicle and publish the lessons you learned from them in the social media. They can serve as eye-openers and inspiration to others.

Speaking of local travel, look who went out of his way, in spite of the MGCQ heightened plus alert (whatever this means), looking for me for days just to buy my 4 cosmic books. Thank you, Sir Nick Castillo (Ph.D. cand.). Wish you all the best of luck.

Our existence here on Earth is fleeting and impermanent.

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – August 15, 2021


We are just pilgrims here, passing by for varied reasons. The few rich and powerful think they own the world. They consider the poor a scourge and menace to society, even as an evil incarnate afflicted with a deadly leprosy or malignant tumor, whose sight and smell are unpleasant, odd, repulsive and whose lives need to be exterminated and vanished from the face of this Earth.

Yet, the poor, like us, feel like they're permanent settlers, not passers by. They don't realize they're imprisoned in their own respective teeny-weeny world unable to get out of their self-imposed detention cell.

The parolees and escapees are not much better off either because they live a fugitive's life and existence, hiding and always fearful of being caught by the long arm of the law.

Paradoxically, many are still able to enjoy the vim and vigor of prison life, where the only form of order is the law of the jungle. Their highest ambition is to be rich, famous, and powerful among their fellow poor and oppressed.

Their tool of existence is to annoy and enslave others as well as to be cruel and violent, just as what their masters did to them. This is their primary means of survival, their only stock--in-trade.

To achieve this delusory and imaginary vision, they strategize a plan, which is, of course, an illusion, but a probable possibility. They proclaim and broadcast this deceptive vision and wild fantasy in terms of stories to attract people and increase their followers and disciples. The story, of course, is a lie.

All that had to be done is to step into the lie and illusion and bring it to life. Once alive, what was once a possibility now becomes genuinely real. And they, as well as their followers and disciples, become real living in a flawless public facade masked with peace, harmony, and compassion but in reality hiding inside a Pandora's box of deception, violence, war, and injustices.

Yet, from a more distant perspective, the perpetrators and victims of an illusory reality are also part of the lie and illusion. The newly created world is an illusion, a lie. But the lie becomes true in an illusory world. There's no more distinction between what is true and what is a lie, no more distinction between what is genuine and what is fake.

So, this is how we describe our world today. Within reality is an illusion, within an illusion, reality and so on. Within truth is untruth, within untruth, truth and so on. Within existence, non-existence, within non-existence, existence and so on.

Within the body is the shadow, within the shadow, the body and so on. Within the observed, the observer, within the observer, the observed and so on. Within the genuine is fake, within fake, genuine and so on.

A confused and muddled identity, aggravating an already chaotic and violent world. What is worse is that we do not realize we are talking of ourselves and the world we are living in. And we cannot get out of our own eggshell if we

consciously and voluntarily want to make fools of ourselves.

How can we be the voice of St John the Baptist who cries in the wilderness, but whose sounds, like thunder reverberating at light speed, continue to echo far and wide to this day and into still many generations to come?

Intergalactic Travel

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – August 3, 2021


If the Cosmos consists of billions of galaxies and if humanity is able to travel through the fabric of time and space, what would intergalactic travel be like and how does it impact on our daily life?


Is it like Elijah who was lifted up to the Lord riding on the chariot of God. Or, was it like Gilgamesh braving the atrocities of the big ocean sailing into the deep? Or, was it like Enki inside the capsule of his spaceship, similar to today's astronauts launching their rockets into space and the Moon.

I cannot help mentioning the crucified Jesus who resurrected from the dead and ascended into heaven without any ride. Or, the Blessed Virgin Mary who was lifted up to heaven, body and soul.

Or, maybe, it's like billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson on board Virgin Galactic into space. Or, Elon Musk in his Mars car.

How about me? Is it possible for me to travel intergalactic by lifting up my spirit while remaining my body on the ground?

Spaceship, I don't have. If there's one, I cannot afford a billion-dollar ticket. Without any ride, I will just have to muster all my energies, force, and power to be hoisted up into another realm.

Anyway, since we are already in motion riding on the waves of the cosmic energy field, let's try getting out of this enslaving world more often by hoisting up our spirit at light speed into other dimensions. Our day-to-day meditation can help us achieve this.

See you there!