The Physics and Metaphysics of Human Progress

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – July 2, 2021.


As popularly viewed nowadays, human progress proceeds along Darwin’s understanding of evolution, in which everything is viewed as obeying the laws of physics, random variation, and natural selection.

Other theories , however, like the Creationist theory, assumes the existence of a Creator God, who also guides the evolution of the human race. This teleological argument makes more sense to many.

Evolution is viewed not only horizontally but also vertically, progressing in an ascending order towards God, the Cosmic Christ. Sam, for example, observes that “... this evolution trajectory is in all aspects of human life - science, technology, prosperity, Artificial Intelligence, social justice, self consciousness....”

For one student, “Christ in his lifetime set the standards, and whether we are conscious of it or not, the world is going His way, not so much in the religious sense, but more in the fully human sense.”

This is also related to what other students observe when they talk about Fr. Teilhard de Chardin’s theory of the Noosphere that brought out the idea of Alpha and Omega, or the Beginning and the End of all history.

To them, everything is interconnected, though not smoothly because of the bumps and gaps that come along the way. According to them, this is the Christian view of history, which is a history of salvation.

This is perhaps another area where the correlation among science, philosophy, and theological thoughts, as other students. To paraphrase:

“It would be quite interesting to correlate the scientific theories with philosophical thoughts and theological realities. One can paint extraordinary pictures, dimensions, remarkable shades of interpretations and perspectives, all coordinates leading to truth(s) subservient to the Divine Truth.”

In summary, human progress need a Creator. Once creation has been declared, Darwin's theory of evolution takes over; progress and development proceeded following the laws of physics.

But hardcore science, in particular quantum physics, also discovers that evolution is a forward movement from the physical to the spiritual and the Divine.

In effect, religion, psychology, and science arrive at the same physical and teleological descriptions of reality in spite of their diverse points of reference.

Where are we now?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – August 18, 2021


We have done the science of cross breeding, stem cell therapy, cloning, resurrecting extinct species. We have re-engineered DNA structures so that there will be no more deaths due to diseases by correcting primary defects and regenerating organs.

We know how to defy the law of gravity and space-time travel. We learn to apply our psychic skills such as telepathic communication, human race translocation, intergalactic travel.

We have opened a new range of possibilities and experiences previously unknown to all species. Our knowledge and experience have expanded and our perception of “reality” has also changed.

We are now on our way, ascending to a higher evolutionary ladder of spiritual growth.