If we are in a state of Consciousness, we are in another dimension of life that is much higher than our 4-D realm of existence

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – May 31, 2021


And there can be different levels of dimension out there in space and time. Let me express my model of a multidimensional world.

One who is overly concerned of its own survival is in the 1st dimension. Around 99% of its time, one is searching for food, protecting its territory, driving away trespassers, while violence and killing is done to prove one's power and superiority.

These basic instinctual and existential concerns can be seen by brain scientists and neurosurgeons like fireflies flashing diverse colors in the reptilian part of our brain.

In the meantime, people who live in the 2nd dimension are engrossed in the mental world. They are concerned of knowledge accumulation, derived from reading books and communicating with the learned and experts.

Unlike those in the 1st dimension, they are primarily concerned of the development of their career. Mind is more powerful than muscles and physical prowess. Educational degrees are seen as indicators for success and growth and serve as the foundation for material wealth, job ranking and promotion, job security, good business, even success in leadership and governance.

These people are career individuals. Mental activities in the 2nd dimension can be glimpsed in the limbic system of our brain using a powerful microscope.

Meanwhile, individuals who are able to detect the 3rd dimension are those who are considered nowadays as psychics, mediums, sensitive or spiritualists. They can communicate with the spirits of our ancestors, elders, even saints, angels, or demons, and can see visions, apparition's, or ghostly images.

While on this world, they are able to see things and events not seen or visible to our five physical senses, through their Third Eye, a faculty which is also innate in all of us.

In science, these psychic-related activities are noticed in the occipital lobe and limbic system, a small section of the brain near the back of the skull. The occipital lobe is considered as the door that opens to the unknown and possible communion with discarnate and disembodied spirits.

People who are able to commune with those in the 5th dimension are able to go beyond our 4-D world of space-time. The 5th dimension is the realm where everything is so subtle that there are no more physical bodies, only luminous, ethereal forms.

In the 5-D realm, there is only pure awareness and pure Consciousness communing with itself, also referred to as the dimension of Self-Consciousness or Self-Realization. Activities in this realm are seen congregating in the frontal lobe known as the neocortex, which is the recent development of our brain.

Beyond the 5-D realm are other subtler hierarchical realms and structures and which are generally considered as the abode of God, gods, or goddesses, spirits, angels, archangels, seraphim, cherubim, etc.

It goes without saying then that we are multi-dimensional beings. We can be at several dimensions simultaneously because of the built-in multidimensionality of our brain. We are as multidimensional as the Cosmos out there.

The activities in our brain identify who or what we are. We just have to ask: “Which part of my brain is most dominant in me?” Only you can answer this. Are you more of a reptilian, career, or medium-oriented individual? Or, are you the conscious observer of all this?

The challenge is primarily how to balance our imbalanced brain. But, even if you have all the resources, don't be swayed by the alluring offers of neuroscientists and brain surgeons to replace your defective brain with an organic, healthier, more balanced, and spiritual one, even for free.

Balancing our brain is a process that we have to undertake and experience personally through trial-and-error method so we can monitor our progress daily from moment to moment. Albert Einstein says that "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."

The Path to God

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - November 21, 2020


The path to God is through our Consciousness. It's only in the state of Consciousness that we are enlightened to choose and follow the path leading to God. And it is in our Consciousness that God resides. But God itself is also Consciousness from which our Consciousness originated. When we talk of ourselves as Consciousness, we also talk of ourselves as God. The path and destiny are one and the same.

Consciousness is life

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – June 11, 2021


I cannot purely base my life on memes and trolls, and even on other's spirituality quotes. I find it better to live life based on what I experience from the now moment. Living a life set by others only makes me a humanoid robot, no less different from a puppet or caged animal. I would rather be more conscious of the opportunities that today may bring me every moment. Let's abandon our interpretations of the world outside. They're all delusions and illusions, holographic effects of other people's wild imagination. Let's instead allow our inner Self and Consciousness to manifest and reveal itself to the external world.

But I must admit that I started life by learning from others. But as I grew and mature in age, I realize I can transform myself better from within, without getting any help from outside. I can do it myself because all the necessary ingredients and power are endowed in me by a Bigger Force. It's still ok to learn from the outside but it's no longer my source of inspiration and transformation.

We are not our mind and heart

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – July 31, 2021


Our mind and heart die with the body. We are essentially spirit and divine, occupying a body here on Earth in order to learn what it means to live in a human body...

The body as well has accepted the indwelling of the spirit for the mind and heart to learn what it means to live a spiritual life.

A spirit encased in a human body, a body soaked and marinated in a spirit, this is what it means to be humans. As Philosophy would love to say, we are an embodied spirit.


We are not mind and heart, we are not spirit. We are both body and spirit inseparable to each other and acting as one integral system in thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds.

We are not a species divided into parts. We are one united entity. Yet, each element has its unique characteristics and functions.


When we speak of ourselves as mind and heart, we are a bundle of the food we eat and the quality of the food we take into our body influences the quality of our thoughts, emotions, behavior, and identity.

When we say we are spirits, we are not dependent on the food we eat, for our spirit does not eat, drink, or breathe in order to live. We are life itself, self-animating, self-generating, self-nourishing, and self-sustaining, enlivened by the fire of the Holy Spirit that breathed unto us.


When we shift our thinking to this kind of integral conception of ourselves, then, everything changes. We are one undivided unity able to witness and experience the duality of good and evil in the world.

And our purpose here on Earth is to learn lessons on what it means to be good and bad, on what it means to live in an embodied spirit.


Learning implies knowing what to learn, what to believe, and what to experience in life daily. This is possible because the Self is able to discern which is proper to it and which is not.

Life is not a game of chance that leaves everything to fate, luck, and accidents of whatever knowledge, beliefs, and opportunities given to us by the external world.


We have the freedom to choose what we want in life. But for our choice to be meaningful and relevant to our life, we must experience whatever possible choices may come to us daily.

We only make a choice of those that are wholesome and beneficial to us personally, not those that are deleterious and disadvantageous. But to make that choice, we must be able to discern consciously what is good and what is bad to us, what is true and not true to us, what is real and unreal to us from moment to moment.


Know who we identify ourselves with. For this can make or unmake our life here on Earth. As Plato, Phaedrus said ages ago: "In good speaking, should not the mind of the speaker know the truth of the matter about which he is to speak?"

But the mind is not able to discern what is and what is not unless it is guided by the Consciousness of the observer who watches the dynamics and operations of the mind and heart.


We call this Consciousness in us, the Self, the spirit. This is who we really are and the only true and genuine reality, possessing the innate qualities and power to influence our thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

Our Consciousness is pure,

(a) no matter what food the body is eating,

(b) no matter if the mind and heart are dictated by the mechanistic operations of the atoms and molecules in our body,

(c) no matter how our beliefs, knowledge, thoughts, feelings, and behavior are strongly influenced and deceived by the outside world.

(d) no matter if the mind and heart are entangled in a holographic movie in which they have become trapped and become comfortable with.


The external world is created by others whose minds and hearts are equally deceived and deluded. Our mind and heart are imprisoned in a world concocted by the scriptwriter and given life by the actors, actresses, director, directress, and cinematographers. They have identified themselves with the movie and have become part of it, playing roles designed for them.

Our true Self, however, is aware of all this. It is very much conscious of the mind and heart being caught in the earthly drama unveiling in the movie and played in the stage. The real Self sees a holographic event going on in the physical realm but is not involved in it.


Let no one blind and misled us any more in our journey through life. Let's know from which vantage point of view we ought to live our life. For this can spell our salvation or annihilation.

What Can We Be Conscious Of?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - November 23, 2020


The Google dictionary defines consciousness as a "state of being aware of one’s own existence, sensations, and thoughts. It is also described as inner awakening or self-realization."

Consciousness is not a result of the workings of the mind although the mind can be used as an instrument to open one’s consciousness.

In many instances, Consciousness is brought about with the aid of Gurus, mystics, sages, saints, and by any individual known to have access to the higher dimension of life and existence. In my experience, anybody or anything that can enhance and deepen our Consciousness can be our Guru like the plants, animals, even the planets, stars, and the galaxies.

I have categorized the content of awareness into three, namely, self-consciousness, cosmic-consciousness, and divine-consciousness.


This is the state of being aware of your physical body (inhalation and exhalation, bodily stresses and tensions from head to toe), your mental activities (thinking, feeling, aspirations, actions), psychic faculties and powers (intuition, gut-feeling, telepathy, also called “Third Eye”).

In the state of total self-awareness, when the body is at ease and the mind still, emerges the awareness of the Real “I”, the Watcher and Observer of what is going inside the physical and psychic realms.


This is a higher level of consciousness that extends to the world of sentient and non-sentient beings residing in Nature. It is the Self communing and uniting with those species that walk on earth, swim underneath rivers, lakes, and oceans, and those that fly in the skies above, whether these be insects, fish, bacteria, flowers, plants, trees, insects, animals, including us human beings as well as with the moons, planets, suns, stars, and galaxies.

Divine Consciousness

This is the highest form of Consciousness where the individual is in the state of deep awareness and communion with the Creator or Primal Energy, the Source of Everything. It is in this state that the individual experiences the power, attributes, and divinity of the Lord of Creation.

Whenever we are conscious, we can always be conscious of something.

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – August 4, 2021


This can be:

(1) Something within us, for example, what's going on in our body, mind, and spirit. I call this Self- Consciousness.

(2) Something coming from the external world that is independent of the mind, like our family, neighborhood, place of work, society, etc. I call this Cosmic-Consciousness.

(3) Something beyond what our finite mind can grasp, something that can only be approximated in terms of symbols, phenomena, or events. You may call this, God-Consciousness, Christ-Consciousness, Khrisna-Consciousness, Buddha-Consciousness, Energy-Consciousness, whatever).

These three states of Consciousness may occupy our thoughts one at a time, depending on what we focus on from moment to moment. For example, we may notice that our body is in pain because of some injuries. Or, mentally, we feel sad and lonely, while spiritually, we feel empty, dull, and directionless.

But sometimes they present themselves to us at the same time. At this state of instant awareness, there is no more Self, no more external phenomena, and no more God. They all merge together as one entity within. There's only pure awareness of our nature, essence, and being in communion and company with itself.

You may try how this works in you and monitor the changes you notice in your perspectives. A one- minute duration can be a good start. You may increase it as you progress and move forward each moment of the day.

In the end, the content of our Consciousness reveal more about ourselves, about who we are, about what we think, feel, and long for, about how we deal with others, with society, and with our environment.

Human Consciousness and God Consciousness

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - November 22, 2020


"Yes, when we talk of ourselves as Consciousness, we also talk of ourselves as God. The path and destiny are one and the same."

I use capital "C" to distinguish it from the prevailing view that consciousness (with lower case "c") is a product of the physical processes of evolution. Consciousness, with capital C, is not; it has divine origin.

Our Consciousness has a Divine content and attribute, coming as it is from God. God is in us through our Consciousness. The Kingdom of God is in us. The Holy Trinity is in us. Catholic defenders call this the presence of Jesus in us.

We take part in the Lord's Godhead. We are God, not just a body that is made of clay and dust. But our being God also permeates our entire body, though it's not located in any particular part of our body.

We are God in a limited way. Our Consciousness is one necessary part in the Big Ocean of God's Consciousness. The wave is not only part of the Big Ocean. Though it is just a tiny portion, it has all the ingredients of the Big Ocean. It also partakes all the attributes of the Big Ocean.

You taste the wave and you have tasted the Big Ocean. All the ingredients and attributes of the wave are present in the Big Ocean and vice versa. All the ingredients and attributes of the Big Ocean exist in the wave.

So is our Consciousness in relation to God's Consciousness. In fact, all organisms are interconnected parts of a Bigger Organism, which is also part of a Superorganism.

God is within us and the path we are walking is God's path. Everything that God touches along the way partakes of its Godhead. God envelopes our total being, even as we embrace God. In the state of Consciousness, there is no more distinction between a human being and God.

Both possess divine attributes in varying degrees. There are hierarchies of beings out there, living in different levels of dimension. There are also hierarchies of power out there, yet these are mere internal arrangements that make one Consciousness unique and distinct from the other.

All this defines the nature, form, and structure of the entire cosmic system. The hierarchies are expressed in the various evolutionary levels we occupy in the Cosmos.

At the same time, the destiny is God. God is in all of creation, even as it is within us. Everything is God. In quantum physics, there is no more distinction between the observer and the observed. Through Consciousness, the two have become one, actively interacting with each other. The observer, the process of observation, the observed, the surroundings, including the path, on which everything float, are in fact one and the same.

In addition, Consciousness is a continuing movement that starts from us, ascending to the Cosmos and to God. I categorize this as a cyclical and spiral ascent from self-consciousness and cosmic-consciousness, all leading to the divine-consciousness, and back.

In reality, however, there's no need to travel and to go around in concentric circles. There is nowhere to go; neither have we arrived from somewhere. We did not come from anywhere. We are not going anywhere. In quantum physics, everything is entangled with one another.

The path we are treading on and the destiny we are going to are the same. We walk with God who is within us and in the path on which we step on and where we will be going to is God who is here and now with us.

Let's just focus our Consciousness on God. Don't go anywhere because you will arrive to where you're destined to arrive. Don't worry and cower in fear. We are riding on a dynamic cosmic escalator that will lead us to somewhere.

Going back from divine-consciousness, to cosmic-consciousness and self-consciousness is where the issue of faith and good works come in. Every step we make in the ascending cosmic ladder is a leap of faith since nobody knows where the next step will be and when to take it.

In addition, the individual is uncertain what the fruits of the next step or leap will be. The fruits can be good or bad depending on the content, quality, and choice of the step taken. It comes out in the form of good works or bad works.

"Yes, when we talk of ourselves as Consciousness, we also talk of ourselves as God. The path and destiny are one and the same."


Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - December 4, 2020


To Be Conscious is to Commune and Be United with One’s Own Self.

Consciousness remains a ticklish issue for both science and religion because this is something subjective, perceived and experienced only by the individual. It is not measurable because it has no mass, volume, and weight; it is non-local and timeless.

It transcends beyond matter, space, time, and energy. If we are in a state of Consciousness, we are in another dimension of life and existence that is much higher than the physical realm.

And there can be different levels of dimension depending on our own subjective opinions and individual experiences. Yet, our Consciousness is only one, related to each other since we all came from the same Cosmic Source. Call it Self or by any name.

The Self can only be found inside us in solitude and silence. It is us who can only say: “I am enlightened, self-aware, fully conscious, happy, joyful, or blissful.”

If we are really searching for that experience inside us and it is not there, our claim to be conscious and enlightened are just empty words, making us hypocrites like the Pharisees in the New Testament bible.

If we are conscious, we can only define ourselves by who we are now, not who we were. For who we were is already past. We can never resurrect and make our past alive again in the present moment, except when we recall them through our memory.

At the present moment, our identity as reflected in our bio-data is dissolved in favor of that who is fully conscious and aware of the Self observing what's going on around, without being identified with them.

In the process of introspection and self-reflection, rationality gives way to observation without any mental judgement. In its place, one experiences feelings of peace, communion, and oneness with everything around its own little world.

No judgement, no thinking, no feeling, no aspirations, no plans, no questioning, no answering since events are laid down all at once for one to see.

The question-and-answer method of Socrates is no longer part of the inside lexicon. The mind exits gracefully in favor of the heart.

As this feeling sinks deeper inside, one realizes simultaneously that a new world has been created, a new world that is not a figment of one's own imagination but a new creation that emerges from the conscious insider.

It is hard to reconcile the fact that we are swallowed beneath a world that resembles anything but logic, reason, or even natural law. For we are entering a realm beyond the edges of materiality.

This new creation narrative is not the making of others. Neither is it a product of external conditioning, subtly imposed on us as a veneer since birth to hide our real essence and being.

This new creation story is an endless birthing account of new events and opportunities that are continually nourished, sustained, and propelled by the force of the conscious observer.

Some are already experiencing a shift in their view of the world and reality. Because of what is happening today, many are realizing that this separatist, isolationist, and divisive kind of life is no longer viable as an approach. It needs to be replaced with an alternative that is consciousness-based.

Dealing with our conscious, subconscious, and unconscious minds is a lifetime endeavor.

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – June 23, 2021


They surface in our memory every now and then. They want attention from us. Ignoring them can spell our success or failure in life. Manage them well for they can be deadly.

The conscious mind consists of the things that we are aware of and are thinking about right now. It's different from Consciousness, we all know this by now.

Our subconscious works throughout the day when you are both awake and asleep but takes over entirely when you sleep. It controls our thoughts, feelings, and actions. But we are not conscious of it.

The unconscious mind works automatically. We have no time to stop it. Once it surfaces, it controls our thought processes, memory, and motivation. There's no time to reflect. We are caught unaware, so to say.

Who or what are residing in our subconscious and unconscious minds? See photo below.

They are our thoughts, feelings, and experiences encountered in the past. But they are also associated with people and events. This is the reason why we most often think of persons whenever our subconscious and unconscious surface. They can be our spouse, children, work mates, or close friends, their faces right in our mind with eyes staring in front of us.

Our subconscious and unconscious minds keep on resurfacing even at night. We have to deal with them so they will no longer bother us.

They are buried dead underneath us, but not so dead for they keep on resurrecting even while we're asleep, insisting to be recognized.

Once brought to the level of awareness, keep them in front of you, reflect on how to resolve and melt them. This way, they will be totally deleted in our subconscious and unconscious mind.

Not all can be erased and thrown to the trash bin forever during our lifetime. If you're able to do so, so much the better. There are people who can do this: the mystics, yogis, sufis, sages, saints. Of course, we ordinary people can also to this.

How does one get rid of the residents of our subconscious and unconscious minds?

The most common techniques include meditation, yoga, and anything that seeks to still and calm the mind. Awareness is the key and communion with the Self, which is Consciousness, is the immediate aim.

Any technique that uses the mind, like positive thinking or mind control is, to me, ineffective because it's the mind that's the problem. We cannot use problem as the solution. We have to get out of the box.

We have to stop allowing the mind to go on its own way. It has to be clipped and made subservient to the wills of Consciousness, just as the horse's eyes are covered sideways by the jockey so it can' can't be distracted and attentively focus on the road ahead of it and keep on moving forward to where it's going.

Time to Reflect in Silence and Solitude

This could be a great challenge to confront daily. In fact, this can last a lifetime, or maybe less, until we become fully conscious of everything at any given point in time.

Then, we become perfect while still here on Earth. But not so perfect yet, of course. For life has just begun. Our journey to the world beyond is just beginning.

insecurities. There's only awareness and communion with the Self and communion with the divine.

Up there, wherever it is, there's no mind, no heart, no heartaches, no headaches, no stresses, no panic attacks, no depressions, no feelings of love, no feelings of hate, no feelings of joy and ecstacy, no feelings of pain and sufferings either.

There's only the Self, which is the Consciousness watching and observing all this passing by before him, but not being carried by them.

Time to start driving away the inhabitants of our subconscious and unconscious minds, one by one. Prepare a list in their order of priority. Keep a journal to monitor your progress.

If, after all has been said, you're still worried, afraid, and insecure, then, there's really something wrong with you. But don't be so because what have been told to you is easier said than done. In fact, this is a lifetime challenge. It can be shorter if you will it and pursue it fiercely and relentlessly.

Anyway, welcome to the company. We might be slow, others maybe ahead of us. Still others maybe behind us. But we are not in competition with each other. We are simply enjoying where we are and who we are at the moment every moment of the day.

If you're time has not yet come, patientia nostra. There's never too late. When your time comes, nobody can stop it. Of course, you can also stop it, if you choose to. But what for?

You want to cop out? Goodness gracious, Linus. What's happening to you. Abandon and throw away your security blanket. It has been there with you since birth.

Hold on tight especially during this pandemic times. Wolves can parade themselves in sheeps' clothing. Even Satan attempted to tempt Jesus by quoting biblical verses. How much more for us.