Humanity stands at the threshold between animals and God

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – August 1, 2021


We are both physical and metaphysical, beasts and spirit, secular and divine. As Plotinus said: "Mankind is poised midway between the gods and the beasts".

We are already partially animals and we can remain in that state for as long as we want. We are already humans and we can likewise remain in that state for as long as we want. We are also spirits and we can remain in that state for as long as we want.

But the cosmic evolutionary process is not to remain animals and humans. For we are human beings in the process of becoming divine. Teilhard de Chardin called this, the journey of humanity from hominization to divinization.

It's not good to be human, then. For we have the innate faculty and power to become somebody bigger and more powerful than being just a man or woman. We can become God-like and even God (or one of the gods and goddesses, depending on your beliefs). In fact, that Godhead of God is already innate in us.

Even then, we can choose to become beasts, humans, or partake the power and attributes of God. It's only a matter of choice and pursuing it relentlessly. And we can do it here while still on Earth.

Let's conduct a thought experiment (popularized by Albert Einstein) with ourselves as the subjects.

1. For a few minutes, imagine yourself living like a beast.

2. Then, for another few minutes, imagine living like a human being.

3. Finally, imagine yourself living the life of God.

In the thought experiment, you will try to respond to the following questions:

1. What does it mean living like a beast?

2. What does it mean living like humans?

3. What does it mean living like God?

So as not to task yourself too much, Ask the help of Google to answer these questions (copy and paste these questions one by one to your search engine):

1. What are the attributes of a beast? Try imagining it's you.

2. What are the attributes of a human being? Try imagining it's you.

3. What are the attributes of God? Try imagining it's you.

You cannot deny or ignore any of the three attributes--beast, human, God--because all of them is in you as well as in me and in all human beings. We are the beast, the human being, and the God, all rolled into, with each one trying to dominate the other. It will depend on us now who we will allow to run and manage our life daily.


Something to reflect on in silence and solitude.

When will we ever learn?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – April 7, 2021


“Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, and do no evil”, so goes the famous Buddhist saying, loved by many Christians and Catholics.

No less than the Chinese sage Lao Tzu, the author of Tao Te Ching and the most influential Chinese philosopher Zwangzi were great advocates of this noble Buddhist teaching. Ancient Chinese leaders as well as rulers of many governments today are in fact trying to apply this apparently passive style of leadership.

And we have been applying this Buddhist cliché, consciously or unconsciously, to ourselves, our family, partner, children, workers, and to our people in general.

But over time we have changed the formula into: "See, hear, speak, and do what you only want to receive. Never mind the people because they need to be disciplined and supervised."

We have applied the original principle wrongly.

This is the reason why we still see and experience so much evil in the form of disorder, manipulation, deception, and killings around the globe during the past two years.

Where are our leaders? Who is in charge now?

Our world has become so repressive. Survival has become the priority concern of everybody. We have not evolved from who we were originally as survivalists, during the hominoid era millions of years ago. And by our acquiescence, we have tolerated and even promoted this kind of authoritarian life in our families and in our societies.

When will we ever learn?

Awareness of who we really are as a people today is the first key that can liberate us from this devilish world of ours. For awareness can lead us to institute corrective measures and actions. And this is what many of us are pursuing relentlessly today.

But let's be as wise as Solomon. For the devil can also deceive us by donning on God's clothing .