Education is not something you can finish


Theoretical Physicist Isaac Asimov, Ph.D. 

As a form of public service, we are posting several reference materials here on the subject we love most, which is Cosmology and Anthropology.


Welcome to Exploring Our Cosmos!


Our Vision and Mission


“Exploring Our Cosmos”  is mainly concerned of the Cosmos in its totality. A good grasp of what the Cosmos is all about – how it began, what was before it, what are its laws and dynamics – provides a foundation for a discussion of humanity, considered as the peak of the cosmic evolutionary progress. It seeks to update the public on the age-old human concerns: Who are we? Why are we here at all? What is our role and mission on this Planet Earth? Where did all the stars, planets, clouds, stars, plants, and animals come from? How did they all begin? What is their impact on us humanity today, in particular, on our role and destiny?


Let us all together join in exploring and appreciating the intricate, but deeply awe-inspiring, world of ours!


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